Why can’t my boyfriend accept sexy underwear

Why can’t my boyfriend accept sexy underwear

Why are some boyfriends unable to accept sexy underwear?This is a very common problem, and it also makes many women feel uneasy when choosing their own underwear.First of all, we need to understand men’s psychology and analyze why they are difficult to accept sex underwear from multiple angles.Here are 8 small titles, let’s explore this issue together.

1. Sex underwear may make them feel "lost control"

Men are born with desire to dominate, and sexy underwear may make them feel losing their control of women.Many men feel that sexy underwear is a more sexy and attractive means for women. They will worry that their girlfriends will use these skills on other men.

2. They may feel "forced"

Some men may feel that their girlfriends forced themselves to try sexy underwear, which may make them feel uncomfortable and persecuted.For this situation, you can try some opportunities for your boyfriend to let them decide whether to try sexy underwear.

3. They feel that sexy underwear is a threat to themselves

Some men will feel that sexy underwear is a threat to themselves. They will think that this underwear will make other men more interested in their girlfriends and make themselves unfavorable.For this situation, you can try to talk to your boyfriend so that they can understand that this is just an ordinary way of dressing and will not have any impact on your feelings.

4. Sex underwear may pass wrong information

For men, erotic underwear may pass wrong information, making them feel that this clothing is only suitable for sex.You can talk to your boyfriend about other uses of sexy underwear, such as bed games, sex parties, etc.

5. Gender concept of rigid

Some men have more rigid gender concepts. They believe that women should wear traditional underwear styles.At this time, you can recommend your boyfriend to broaden your mind and try to accept a variety of underwear style.

6. A sense of shyness

Some men feel that sexy underwear may be shy for them.At this time, you need to take a gentle and gradual method to help your boyfriend slowly get used to this underwear.

7. Not suitable for yourself

For some men, they don’t like to look at their girlfriends wearing sexy underwear, because they think that this is not suitable for girlfriends.If this is the case, you can try to find some styles that suits you.

8. I think the sexy underwear is "too much"

Some men think that sexy underwear is a "excessive" way of dressing. You can tell them that this kind of dress is actually normal and does not attract any strange attention.


True love is based on mutual understanding and support.If your boyfriend cannot accept your sexy underwear, you need to talk to him and let them understand your needs and ideas.I believe that as long as you have enough patience and rationality, you will be able to reach a consensus, and you don’t have to worry about such problems.

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