Which is better for men and women’s sexy underwear and supplies

The difference between men and women’s sexy underwear and supplies

Sex underwear and supplies are different from the customer base, and the different demand for men and women is very different.

Men’s sexy underwear and supplies

Men’s sexy underwear and supplies are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Enhanced experience

For example, extended time, strengthening pleasure, etc., usually include analog ring, inflatable doll, simulation vaginal and other products.


For example, men’s pants, thongs, sexy underwear, etc., can strengthen the masculine masculine and make people more confident.

Strengthen stimuli

This type of product is represented by SM, including restraint props, mouthball, whip, handcuffs, etc., and increases sexual interest by stimulating physical sensory and thinking.

Women’s sex lingerie and supplies

Women’s sexy underwear and supplies are mainly reflected in the following aspects:


The design and choice of women’s sex lingerie are much more than men.Such as underwear suits, stockings, high heels, etc., can make women more sexy and charming.

Increase stimuli

SM props similar to men and vibration sticks shared by men and women, etc., are more proportion in women’s needs.At the same time, sexy underwear can also achieve a sneer effect.

Improve comfort

Women’s underwear and pants purchase and match are important.By breathable, comfortable, and beautiful underwear will improve comfort in terms of sexuality, and sometimes stress into power in life and work.

Precautions for the use of sexy underwear and supplies

Although sexy underwear and supplies can bring a better sexual experience, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Quality issues

It is important to choose a product with better performance and reliable quality.Avoid the impact of inferior products on physical health, let alone use expired or damaged products.


Different products use different methods. Novice users should read the instructions in detail, and cooperate with the usage methods and steps.Pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of the product during the use and after use.

personal privacy

Interest underwear and supplies are personal items, and you should pay attention to confidentiality.After use, maintain and handle personal supplies in time.

Which good choice standard for men and women’s sexy underwear and supplies

For different needs of men and women, you need to consider from the following aspects:

the way of buying

The purchase of brands and formal channels can ensure quality and safety.The evaluations of brand, sales, and credibility on large e -commerce platforms such as Taobao and JD.com are also one of the reference standards.

Demand diversified

Choose products that are suitable for your needs, don’t follow the trend blindly.Or consider diversified combinations in a variety of needs to experience more and better feelings.


Interest underwear and supplies are a long -lasting market that aims to strengthen sexual experience, increase stimuli and comfortable products, which are favored by consumers.For different gender needs, choosing a product that suits you is the key.

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