Which country’s sexy underwear sells well

Which country’s sexy underwear sells well

With the advancement of the times and the opening of people’s concepts, sexy underwear has become more and more popular, becoming part of modern people’s lives.The culture and aesthetic concepts of different countries are different, so there are more sexy underwear in some countries than in other countries.Next, we will analyze which country’s sexy underwear is sold well.

1. Japan

Japan is an important manufacturer and exporter of sexy underwear, and Japan’s sexy underwear is very popular in the world for its cuteness and innocent appearance.In Japan, it has both bras that improve their breasts and sexy underwear for showing their chests, such as lace bra and chest stickers.In addition, Japanese sexy underwear is complete, which can meet the needs of different ages and different gender.Therefore, Japan is one of the countries that consumers who like sexy underwear.

2. The United States

The United States is an important country for global sex lingerie consumption.The characteristics of American erotic underwear are sexy and attractive, and more emphasized the sexy and beauty of women.Many brands, such as Victoria ’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood, are very popular. Especially for women with large breasts, American sex underwear is an excellent choice.

3. Germany

Germany is one of the countries with the highest output of lingerie in European countries and one of the most famous sexy underwear manufacturers.The production process of German sex lingerie is very high, and the style is very popular.Unlike Japan and the United States, German sexy underwear tends to use classic styles and colors, such as black lace and low -key nude color sexy lingerie.

4. France

France is a representative country of high -end sexy underwear.Brands such as Chantelle, Aubade and Lise Charmel are all high -end sexy underwear brands from France, and are well -known for their exquisite craftsmanship, high -end fabrics and unique design styles.This high -end sexy underwear is in sharp contrast to the sexy underwear in the United States and the cute and cute underwear in Japan.

5. China

With the continuous improvement of China’s national strength, more and more foreigners have noticed the rise of China’s sexy underwear market.Compared with Japan, the United States and other countries, the style of China’s sexy underwear is more diverse and the price is more competitive.In addition, Chinese sexy underwear producers, such as Aimer and Maniform, are also very popular with pantyhose and clothing underwear.

6. South Korea

Unlike Japan’s cute and fun underwear, Korean sexy underwear is mainly simple, comfortable and fashionable.Many Korean erotic underwear brands also pay more attention to details and texture in design, trying to make their products different.

7. Britain

Britain is one of the representative countries of high -quality erotic lingerie brands.Many brands, such as Agent Prolvocateur and Myla, are high -end brands from Britain.The sexy underwear made by these brands is often very high in quality, unique in shape, and very tempting.

8. Italy

Italy is not only a representative country of high -end clothing manufacturing, but also an important force in the field of sexy underwear.As we all know, the Italians pay attention to fashion and quality.This can also be seen in the production of Italian sexy underwear. Many brands such as La Perla and Intimissimi are the Italian high -end sexy underwear brands.

9. Brazil

Brazil is the central country of the sexy underwear manufacturing industry in Latin America.In fact, when people think of Brazil, they will not only think of beautiful football and beaches, but also sexy women on the beach.This concept of culture and aesthetics makes Brazil an important country for sexy underwear manufacturing and consumption.

10. Australia

Although the size of the Australian sexy underwear market is not as large as other countries, its sexy underwear is closely catching up with the trend of sexy underwear in other countries around the world.With the continuous growth of the Australian market, foreign sex lingerie brands have also begun to enter the Australian market.

In summary, the characteristics of each country have different characteristics of sexy underwear, so consumers should choose a sexy underwear that suits them according to their aesthetic views and needs.Whether it is a cute Japanese sexy underwear or a high -quality Italian sexy underwear, it may become your favorite.

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