Where is the sexy lingerie?

Falling underwear hiding place 1: Underwear storage box

The selection and matching of sexy underwear is of great significance to improving women’s self -confidence and quality of sex.However, the storage of sexy underwear has a headache for many women.In order to avoid the deformation, damage and chaos of erotic underwear, women should find the right place to hide.The underwear storage box may be a good choice.By distinguishing the sexy underwear according to the color, size, or material, it can be more convenient to manage and find it.

Moreover, the underwear storage box can protect the texture of the sexy lingerie and avoid wear or deformation.Choose a suitable underwear storage box to provide dry, clean and neat storage environment for sexy underwear.

Where to hide in sex underwear 2: The partition in the wardrobe

For women with a larger wardrobe, they can use the method of adding partitions in the wardrobe to divide the wardrobe into different storage spaces.By summarizing the sexy lingerie in an independent partition, you can clearly understand what underwear in each storage area.Moreover, it can also avoid confusion with other clothes and other clothes, keep them clean, dry and neat.

In addition, if the partition of the wardrobe is equivalent to high and wide, it can be kept neatly when storing sexy underwear, making it more neat and beautiful, and easier to clean up.

Sex of sexy underwear 3: underwear bag

The underwear bag is a storage bag specially used to store underwear.Underwear bags can effectively protect sexy underwear without external friction and damage.Underwear bag is also a convenient storage tool, which can bring sexy underwear to travel or travel, which is more convenient.

Women can choose underwear bags to separate the commonly used sexy underwear or be convenient to carry when traveling.

Seasonal place of sex underwear 4: bedside table

The bedside table is also a more common storage point.Because sexy underwear has a unique nature, in some cases, you can use materials at the bedside cabinet, so that you can save the trouble of packing up the sexy underwear.Moreover, in the bedroom, women can plan the sexy underwear area through the bedside table, and make more commonly used erotic underwear for easy storage management, which can be more convenient to leave in the morning.

However, women should ensure that related erotic underwear should not be placed directly into the bedside table. If it is not placed, it will occur from the top of the bed, which will cause problems such as deformation, wear, cleaning difficulty, and odor.

Sex of sex underwear hidden 5: drawer -style wardrobe

Draw -style wardrobe is a popular way of storage.The drawer wardrobe not only has enough space to store sexy underwear, but also protects the influence of external factors such as sunlight, dust, and water vapor.

In particular, for sexy underwear such as sexy underwear, European and American sexy underwear, drawer wardrobes can maintain its unique style and ensure that the underwear has been kept fresh and fashionable.

Sex of sexy underwear 6: Storage room of clothing mirror storage room

The storage room of the dressing mirror is a locker that can be hung on the wall.Through this cabinet, women can selectively store sexy underwear and take it when they need to be worn.The advantage of this storage method is that it can save storage space and can be placed directly in the bedroom for easy operation.In addition, another advantage of the dressing room storage room is that women can use the vigilance of "get immediately" to discover and replace sex underwear in time.

However, when choosing a wearing mirror storage room, pay attention to the height and location of the installation to avoid affecting the sight. At the same time, you must choose a relatively safe position to prevent unnecessary damage.

Where to hide in sex underwear 7: Shoe box storage method

The shoe box storage method is a cheap and practical erotic underwear storage method.Women can more conveniently store sexy underwear by buying a shoe box that suits them, decorate, mark names and other methods.It does not need to cost too much cost, and does not need to take up too much space.

However, women need to pay attention to the cleanliness and status of the shoe box storage environment, avoid excessive dust and humidity, and cause problems such as deformation of sexy underwear.

The hiding place of sex underwear 8: Hook storage method

The hook storage method is a more convenient sexy underwear storage method.By installing hooks on the bathroom and bathroom walls, women can easily hang their own sexy underwear after taking a bath.The advantage of this storage method is that it can also achieve the effect of drying and reducing odor.

However, women should pay proper attention to the material of the sexy underwear when choosing a hook storage method, as well as the height and weight of the hook to avoid unnecessary damage to the underwear.

Where to hide in sex underwear 9: The bottom of the bed storage basket

The bottom of the bed storage basket is a space under the bed and a good place to storage of sexy underwear.Through a special bed storage basket, women can use different types of erotic underwear to be interfered and easily and quickly.It can also make the entire bedroom more neat and beautiful.

However, when choosing the bottom of the bed, pay attention to the overall matching of the style and the bedding to avoid destroying the overall style effect of the bedroom.

Falling underwear hiding place 10: The vertical cabinet -style wardrobe

The vertical cabinet wardrobe is a large wardrobe with enough space to store sexy underwear and other clothing.The vertical wardrobe is usually composed of the door panels, clothing rods, drawers, mirrors, etc., and the height of the wardrobe is large, which is convenient to store larger sexy underwear.The advantage of the vertical cabinet wardrobe is that it can well protect the sexy underwear from being polluted and damaged by the outside world, and avoid problems such as fading and deformation of sexy underwear.

However, when using a vertical wardrobe, you should pay attention to the management of sexy underwear to avoid chaos and damage to the underwear.


For how to store sexy underwear, each woman can choose the most suitable way for you according to your family environment, personal needs and usage habits.Whether it is the underwear storage box, the partitions in the wardrobe, the underwear bag, the bedside table, the drawer wardrobe, the dressing mirror storage room, the shoe box storage method, the hook storage method, the bottom of the bed storage basket or the vertical wardrobe, all have different adaptation range and the scope of adaptation andadvantage.Women should choose the most suitable erotic underwear storage method according to their actual situation, so that underwear keeps good in the entire storage period, adding glory to their beauty and quality of life.

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