Interesting underwear heads don’t need to take off


For women, underwear, as one of the essential products wearing daily wear, is not only to protect physical health, but also to show women’s charm.In the field of erotic underwear, some specially designed underwear can be used through special structures to allow you to enjoy the embarrassing embarrassment of the trousers while enjoying sexy and comfort.Today we will introduce some sexy underwear without taking off your pants.

NO.1 Stockings sex lingerie

Stockings sexy underwear is beautiful, sexy and practical. Its special thing is that the underwear and pantyhose are perfectly combined.Not only let you show your body curve, but you can also meet your sexual needs without taking off your pants head.

NO.2 Seamless underwear

As a major feature of sexy underwear, seamless panties not only have both fashion and sexy, but also can complete the effect of seamlessly fitting through the non -traces and special fabrics, so that you can feel the comfortable dressing experience throughout the day.They are not like ordinary underwear with fabrics with loose belts and hips, but they can perfectly outline the hip lines like stockings.

NO.3 Two -in -one sex panties

As the name, the two -in -one sex underwear is to combine the underwear and jumping eggs, and bring you pleasure and pleasure to you through the specially designed vibrator.The underwear part is not much different from other ordinary underwear, but the trousers can be stimulated by the jumping eggs, which can quickly bring you into the wonderful feeling of orgasm.

NO.4 Simulation Yang You Interest Panties

The simulation of Yang Youyin underwear can simulate the real and stout penis. While enjoying the climax, you can avoid the worries of the pants and give you a perfect experience for your sex.At the same time, because the underwear is made of non -toxic and safe elastic material, it is more in line with ergonomics, and wearing will be more comfortable and natural.


The rear fork sexy underwear is a perfect combination of sexy and comfortable. It solves the problem of taking off the trousers through the split design on the rear side.This underwear can also be used to match his interesting costumes to better show your own figure characteristics.

in conclusion

In fact, sexy underwear is not only regarded as sexy products, but also a way to show women’s charm and perfect figure.And these special design and innovation also brought a new look to traditional underwear, which is full of fun.We believe that with the help of these sexy underwear, you will better enjoy your sex life and show your infinite sexy charm.

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