Where is Guangzhou wholesale female sexy underwear


Female sex underwear has always been one of the essential products for women. It can make women more confident, sexy and charming. If you are a merchant, you can consider going to Guangzhou for procurement.

Overview of Guangzhou sex underwear market

Guangzhou is one of the cities gathered by the national sexual sex products industry. The sexy underwear market is also very developed. There are thousands of sexy underwear wholesalers with stores or offices here to meet all kinds of needs.

Wholesale market recommendation

In Guangzhou, the wholesale market is one of the most common routes for sexy underwear merchants. Among them, the best who has achieved the great wholesale markets such as Liuhua Market and Xinduhui.These market resources are rich and the quality of goods is reliable, and it is worth choosing by merchants.

Online platform recommendation

The online platform is also one of the popular wholesale ways today. At present, it is more popular platforms, such as Alibaba, JD.com, Pinduoduo, Micro -League, etc. Merchants can find merchant cooperation on these platforms and purchase supply.

Brand wholesaler recommendation

Of course, for some merchants with specific brand needs, you can go to brand merchant stores or official websites for wholesale.For example, brand merchants such as Jack Jones and Chantelle all have stores or officially designated wholesale channels in Guangzhou.


Before choosing a wholesale merchant, merchants need to pay attention to the following points:

Product quality: Before choosing a wholesale merchant, you should first understand the quality of merchants and ensure that it meets themselves and customer standards.

Price comparison: Merchants need to compare price comparisons between different wholesale markets, online platforms or brand merchants, and find the best supply.

After -sales service: Before cooperating with merchants, you should understand the quality of the after -sales service of the merchant, so as not to cause loss in the future.

Check the quality of the goods for wholesale precautions

When the merchant is wholesale, no matter which merchant store or online platform, you should focus on the quality of the goods.This process is also called inspection. When inspection, merchants can judge the quality of the goods through the following points.

Fabric: The fabric should be soft and smooth, good texture, and have certain elasticity;

Workman work: workmanship requires fines, there are no misplaced, distorted, missing, jumping needles and other problems;

Details: Details should be done in place, such as ensuring strong hook eyes, the length and width of the shoulder strap.

Comparison of the price of wholesale precautions

After the merchant understands the quality of the goods, it is necessary to compare the price according to their actual needs.Merchants can compare the price of different wholesale markets, online platforms, and brand merchants. It is recommended to check the price of several companies before selecting to avoid disputes due to price issues.

The wholesale precautions solve the after -sales service

After the merchant confirmed the quality of the goods and chose the source of the supply, it is necessary to understand the after -sales service of the merchant before the cooperation to avoid problems such as refusal after -sales application and refunding service in the later period.Merchants can understand after -sales service through various ways, such as communicating in stores, searching for businesses’ websites.


Wholesale women’s sexy underwear is one of the guarantees for merchants to do a good job of marketing and promotion to meet the needs of more consumer groups.In the process of wholesale, in addition to the quality of the goods, we must also pay attention to the comparison of price and after -sales service.I hope that this article provides some help and inspiration for merchants looking for women’s erotic underwear wholesale merchants.

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