What to do if sexy underwear does not add mosaics

1. The risk of sexy underwear without mosaics

For many people, take some photos or videos after wearing a sexy underwear, and sending your own lover/spouse may increase interest and fun.However, once these photos or videos are leaked, it will have a great negative impact, such as humiliation, reputation damage, work errors, etc. related to personal privacy, which is very dangerous.

2. Why does the photos of sexy underwear need mosaic

When shooting or making sexy underwear photos or videos, in order to protect privacy, mosaic treatment is usually required, so that you can hide your identity and body part.Sometimes, the effect of mosaic is incomplete and may show some parts that should not be seen.

3. Use the picture editor to hit the mosaic

In order to avoid trouble caused by sexy underwear leaks, it is best to hit mosaic.Mosaic can use various photo editors, such as Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.net, and so on.

4. Use third -party mosaic software

If you don’t want to learn complex image processing technology, you can also use third -party mosaic software.These softwares are simple and can be quickly processed and protected by images.

5. Camera application using built -in mosaic function

Many smartphones and digital cameras have built -in mosaic functions, which can easily hide their identity and privacy.When using these applications, make sure to set up the best mosaic effect.

6. Never share personal sexy underwear photos or videos

Whether you are in a circle or an anonymous forum, it is very dangerous to share personal sexy underwear photos or videos.Even if you use the best mosaic technology, these photos or videos may be invaded or virus infected by hackers, which leaks.

7. Pay attention to the quality and adaptability of sexy underwear

Wearing suitable, high -quality sexy underwear can make you feel more beautiful and relaxed.When buying sexy underwear, make sure you choose your body shape, skin sensitivity and style you need.In this way, you can enjoy the fun of wearing a fun underwear without having to worry about privacy issues.

8. Check the sexy underwear photos or videos repeatedly

Even if you have already played mosaic treatment, you must repeatedly check sex underwear photos or videos to ensure that your privacy is fully protected.Because any subtle defects in the file may cause mosaic failure, which possibly threatens your life.

9. Try to avoid using social media sharing

It is very dangerous to use social media to share sexy underwear or videos because they usually do not protect your privacy.Unless you want your privacy to be exposed, we strongly recommend to avoid using social media sharing.

10. Reserve sexy underwear and store in a safe location

In order to ensure personal privacy, sexy underwear should be stored in a safe place.If you can’t guarantee that your personal computer or mobile phone is safe, try to save photos or videos in an encrypted storage device and lock it in a safe place.

in conclusion

The leakage of sexy underwear may affect your personal life, reputation and career.No matter who you are, you should take measures to protect your privacy.We strongly recommend that you use at least one in the above measures to ensure that your personal privacy is safe.

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