What style of sexy underwear wearing small breasts

Know your size

It is not easy to wear sexy underwear.Whether you want to be full or sexy, wearing the pair of underwear is critical.It is important to understand your size before considering the style.

Choose the right cup

Choosing the right cup is an important part of choosing sexy underwear.Tea cups, triangular cups and hip cups can make your chest look more beautiful.If your chest is small, the tea cup is a good choice.If you want to have some enhanced type, you can choose a cup with a cushion, but avoid too exaggerated mats.

Attention to detail

Details, lace and lace are all common elements in sexy underwear design.These details can highlight the area of the chest, making your chest feel more plump.However, pay attention to whether the corners are appropriate, so as not to let the small breasts be wrapped too dead, making them not full enough.

Reduce vertical line

Although for women with large breasts, vertical lines are an important element that can be used in sexy underwear design, but for small breasts, it may not be appropriate.When choosing underwear, you need to choose the style that can be vertical as little as possible.This depends on the shape of the bra and the lace design.

Choose a cup -type erotic underwear

Push cup -type sexy underwear is a good choice.With the inner thick coaster, it better enhances the fullness of the chest.If you want to add some cushions, you can create a larger chest visual effect.

Choose comfortable underwear

Wearing sexy underwear may make you feel more confident, but the more important thing is to choose a comfortable underwear.Especially for small breasts, it is important to choose a comfortable underwear suitable for your appearance and size, so that you can wear comfortably.

Choose lace -style underwear

Lace underwear is one of the most favorite sexy underwear for women.They are always beautiful, especially for small breasts.There are small lace and lace on the selected style to make your chest feel more plump.

Avoid too much color

Excessive colors and accessories can make sexy underwear look messy.When choosing underwear, you should try to choose a monochrome or plain style, and avoid the fancy lace design as much as possible.

Choose a transparent style underwear low -key

The transparent sexy underwear is easy to make people feel too exaggerated, especially for the small breasts require special attention.Choose a low -key transparent underwear to expose the skin moderately without being too sexy.

Buy pajamas

Interest underwear and pajamas can be paired together to create a more sexy image.If you plan to buy pajamas, you also need to choose a style with pajamas when choosing sexy underwear.


When buying sexy underwear, the size and underwear style are the most important considerations.For small breasts, it is very important to choose the right cup and style.Moreover, comfort and personal style must be considered.Careful choice of style and design sexy underwear can help you feel confident and beautiful.

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