What should I do if I wear a good underwear

What should I do if I wear a good underwear

It is an interesting thing to wear sexy underwear.You can feel your sexy and beauty.However, many people do not know what to do after wearing fun underwear.Below, I will introduce to you what to do after wearing a fun underwear.

1. Sit down and see yourself

After wearing a fun underwear, you can sit down and look at yourself quietly.You will find that sexy underwear makes your body look more beautiful.You can appreciate your beauty.

2. Try to walk around

After wearing a fun underwear, you can walk gently and try to know it.You will feel its sense of wrapping your body and soft texture.The process of walking allows you to better adapt to underwear and greet the challenge more confidently.

3. Adjust underwear

After wearing sex underwear, you can adjust it.Some sexy underwear shoulder straps and bra cups may not be appropriate, you can adjust according to your needs.This will make you more comfortable and more beautiful.

4. Appreciate yourself

After wearing a sexy underwear, you can enjoy yourself.In front of the mirror, you can gently play with underwear and feel its emphasis on your beauty.You will be more confident when you see your beauty.

5. Take pictures or videos

You can take a few photos or videos after wearing sexy underwear.This can not only record your own beauty, but also let others understand your charm by sharing.

6. Choose suitable occasions

Sex underwear often makes people worry that it is not suitable for wearing in public.But in fact, wearing sexy underwear on appropriate occasions will make you more confident and attractive.

7. Maintenance of sexy sheets

The texture of the erotic underwear may be relatively soft, so you must pay attention when washing. Do not rub or soak for too long, otherwise it will be easily damaged.It is recommended to wash it with hand, just rub it with a little force.

8. More mix possibilities

Interest underwear can also be paired with other clothing, such as sexy short skirts, sexy high heels, jackets, etc.This combination is also very attractive, which can make you more charming.

9. Have more varieties

There are many varieties of erotic underwear, with a variety of different designs and styles.Different designs and styles of sexy underwear can allow you to experience different feelings and effects, and help you show yourself better.

10. Show your figure

Finally, wearing a sexy lingerie, you must have the courage to show your figure.Don’t be shy, actively show your beauty and sexy.When you become more confident, your charm will be more powerful.

At this moment after wearing a fun underwear, you can express your beauty and sexy through these methods.Whether you are at home or public, you can show your charm confidently.

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