What sexy underwear to buy for my girlfriend

Choose the factors that you need to consider before choosing sexy underwear for your girlfriend

It is a very romantic thing to buy sexy underwear for girlfriends, but at the same time, it is necessary to consider some factors.First of all, you need to know the size and preferences of your girlfriend. Generally, sexy underwear is relatively tight, so the size of the size will make your girlfriend feel uncomfortable.Secondly, consider the temperament of your girlfriend, some girls are more introverted or conservative, so you need to choose some gentle styles.Finally, consider your girlfriend’s body, some girls have large breasts, so you need to choose some supporting styles.

Falling underwear style and model

There are many styles and models of sexy underwear, which can be considered from the aspects of material, color, design and other aspects.

The first is the material, with a variety of materials such as lace, silk, and polyester fiber to choose from. The selection material must consider comfort.

Followed by color, common ones are black, red, pink, blue, etc. Each color has different meanings. You can choose the color and emotions suitable for your girlfriend’s temperament and emotion.

Finally, the design and design include a variety of corset, three -point, open, and T type. Each design has its unique characteristics. When choosing, it is necessary to consider the body and temperament of the girlfriend.

How to choose sexy underwear suitable for girlfriends

If you want to choose a sexy underwear suitable for girlfriends, you can consider from the following three aspects.

The first is to choose sexy underwear according to the girlfriend’s figure. If the girlfriend’s chest is relatively small, you can choose a full -bodied sexy underwear; if the girlfriend’s chest is relatively large, you can choose a supportive sexy underwear.

The second is to choose a sexy underwear based on the girlfriend’s temperament. If the girlfriend is more introverted, you can choose a mild color and design. If the girlfriend is more confident and generous, you can choose a more sexy style.

Finally, choose sexy underwear based on the scene. Different scenes need different styles of sexy underwear to match, such as the sex of the bed, party interest, constraints, and so on.

Some popular sexy lingerie styles introduction

Here are several more popular sexy lingerie styles.

1. Corset -style sexy underwear.This style is relatively more chest, suitable for women with smaller chests, plus a little lace decoration, which can look very cute.

2. Three -point erotic underwear.This style can show women’s beautiful legs, which adds some beauty at the same time as sexy, especially for women with long legs.

3, leggings sexy underwear.This style is similar to stockings, but there are some sexy designs in the underwear, which can show the charm of women.

How to buy sexy underwear

To buy sexy lingerie, you first need to choose a reputable shopping platform, such as Taobao and JD.com.Then when choosing a product, you must carefully read the product description and customer evaluation, and choose those products with high evaluation, so as to ensure the quality and cost -effectiveness of the product.It is best to ask the customer service before buying to confirm whether the size and style are suitable for your girlfriend to avoid subsequent returns.

Choose a brand of sexy underwear

For the selection of sexy underwear brands, the most important thing is the popularity and reliability of the brand.For example, although Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provocateur are relatively high, quality and design are excellent.Of course, some domestic brands such as admiration, Maniform, Sasa, etc. also have good sexy underwear series, which can be considered.

How to maintain sexy underwear

There are a variety of sexy underwear materials, so different maintenance needs to be carried out according to different materials.

1. Interesting underwear of lace, satin and other materials, it is best to wash it by hand to avoid the decorative component of the washing machine to play badly sexy underwear.

2. If you need machine washing, you need to put the sexy underwear in the laundry bag, choose a low temperature program, and wash it separately.

3. Avoid using bleach and dryers.

Precautions for girlfriend’s sexy underwear gifts

Give your girlfriend’s sexy lingerie gifts to pay attention to the following points.

1. Don’t let your girlfriend feel that you are not satisfied with her figure, and take romance as the main purpose.

2. If you lack confidence in your choice and make your girlfriend choose herself, she will feel more comfortable.

3. The price of gifts is not necessarily the key, and the key is your sincerity and intention.

How to match sexy underwear

To match the fun underwear, you can consider from the following aspects.

1. Match color.You can choose the theme color coordinated with the sexy underwear, such as black, red, etc.

2. With shoes.For example, a three -point erotic underwear, you can choose high heels to match.

3. Match hairstyle and makeup.Trending light makeup in advance, with different hairstyles, can make the body more attractive.


It is a very romantic thing to buy fun underwear for girlfriends, and it is also a thing that needs to be carefully.When choosing, you must consider your girlfriend’s temperament, body, preference and other aspects. Don’t just be sexy for sexy.Regularly replacing sexy underwear can also make the feelings more lasting, so that the romantic is left in every corner of life.

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