What sexy underwear looks good in short fat

What sexy underwear looks good in short fat


Interest underwear is a must -have for each woman. It allows women to be more sexy, confident and charming to enhance their charm.But for short fat women, it is a bit difficult to choose sexy underwear. How can we wear good -looking effects?

Topic 1: Pay attention to material

First of all, for short fat women, it is very important to pay attention to the material of sexy underwear.Choosing good quality, soft and comfortable, high -breathable material is more suitable for such women.

Topic 2: Choose the right style

Secondly, it is also critical to choose the right style.For example, type A is more suitable for women with short fat bodies. Do not choose too tight sexy underwear, which will look more bloated.

Topic 3: Avoid too complicated design

In addition, when choosing sexy underwear, avoid too complicated design.Choosing a concise and atmospheric design can make the short -fat women wear a simple and elegant feeling.

Topic 4: Make good use of black and white and gray three -color matching

In terms of color, black and white and gray are a good choice.Dark erotic underwear can make short fat women look more mysterious and tall, while light colors look more fresh and natural.

Topic 5: Make full use of accessories

In addition, short -fat women must also use accessories when wearing sexy underwear.For example, lace, ribbon, small flowers, etc. can enhance the sense of fashion and beauty of sexy underwear.

Topic 6: Choose the right size

At the same time, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must also choose a suitable size.Sending a big or small sexy underwear will affect the effect of wearing, so choosing it is very important for your own size.

Topic 7: Pay attention to the width of the shoulder strap

In the choice of shoulder straps, short fat women should pay attention to the width of the shoulder straps.Excessive shoulder straps are not conducive to holding the chest, and the shoulder band is more bloated. It is more suitable to choose a shoulder strap with moderate width.

Topic eight: Wearing confidence

In the end, wearing a fun underwear is not just the choice of style and size. More importantly, I confident my body when wearing it to create my own beauty.

in conclusion

In short, when wearing short -fat women, pay attention to material, choose the right style, avoid too complicated design, make good use of black and white gray with three colors, make full use of accessories, choose suitable sizes, pay attention to the width of the shoulder straps and wear wearTime self -confidence is indispensable.Only in this way can we be more charming and sexy.

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