What kind of sexy underwear to buy by the fat man

1. Fat -ups need to buy sexy lingerie styles

Everyone’s physical form is different, so when choosing a sexy underwear, the fat man needs to choose the style that suits him.Generally speaking, fat people need to choose tight erotic lingerie, such as waist -shaping underwear, conjoined tight underwear.This can effectively cover the body’s fat and highlight the sexy curve.

2. Material problems that need to be paid attention to when buying

For fat people, it is very important to choose the right material.In terms of color, the black and dark series have a more collectible effect than other colors; the material can choose more loose and breathable fabrics such as polyester fiber, polyester, Modal, nylon.Wear comfortably.

3. Details that need attention in terms of style

When choosing sexy underwear, in addition to paying attention to color and material, styles are also details that need to be paid attention to.The fat man’s body is obese, and the circumference of the waist and calves is relatively large. It is recommended to choose a wide and narrow sexy underwear, which can make the figure look more slender.

4. Select erotic underwear with lace elements such as lace

Interesting underwear containing lace elements such as lace can not only make the body more sexy and charming, but also visually extend the body lines and better cover the body’s defects. Therefore, it is recommended that fat people choose such sex underwear.

5. Choose a more complicated and more advanced sexy underwear

The more complicated and higher -level sexy underwear can make people feel more gorgeous and more textured. It is suitable for fat people with European and American fashion styles, which can make the rough fitness effect improved to a certain extent.

6. Fat people need to pay attention to the problem of matching with sexy underwear

It is also critical to pay attention to the problem of paying attention to the fatty underwear.You can choose elements such as tulle lace shawl, silk shame, long -knee boots, high heels, etc., which can be matched with sexy underwear, so that you can make yourself more sexy and charming and impressed.

7. The choice of accessories should also be appropriate

When choosing accessories, you also need to pay attention to the right degree.You can choose some small and exquisite necklaces, rings, earrings and other accessories, so that you can make yourself more noble and generous, and leave a deep impression.

8. Other issues that need attention when buying sexy underwear

In addition to the above problems, there are other problems that need attention, such as size problems, washing and maintenance problems, brand reputation, etc.When buying sexy underwear, you must choose a regular large merchant, so as to avoid quality problems or inappropriate sizes.

9. Determine what sexy underwear is selected according to your own needs

The most important thing is that choosing sexy underwear should be determined according to your own needs.Different people have different aesthetics. It is the most important thing to choose a sexy underwear that suits them.

10. Summary

Choosing a sexy underwear that suits them can make everyone more confident, beautiful, sexy and charming.Fatty choosing sexy underwear may require more skills and experience, but as long as you follow the above principles, you can easily find the sexy underwear that suits you best.Remember, don’t be too cautious when trying new styles. We should dare to challenge ourselves and show our unique beauty.

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