What kind of sexy underwear is comfortable to wear


Interest underwear is a very private part of women. The factors that need to be considered are not only beautiful, but also comfort.Therefore, the comfortable sexy lingerie is usually not missing, and you must choose the right.

1. fabric

The fabric of sexy underwear is one of the most important factors that affect wearing feelings. Generally, the fabrics of sexy underwear are divided into cotton, silk, lace, etc.Cotton erotic underwear is breathable and comfortable, and it is easier to wear. Lace sex lingerie pays attention to visual effects.

2. Size

Choosing the right size is a prerequisite for ensuring that sexy underwear is comfortable.If it is too large or too small, it will affect the comfort, and the size of the size meets the size of the body.

3. Shoulder strap design

The shoulder strap is an important part of the sexy underwear. A good shoulder strap design can relieve back pressure and avoid the shoulder marks.The width, position and material of the shoulder are considered, and try to be comfortable as possible.

4. coaster

The coaster is a key component in sexy underwear, and different thickness affects the degree of support and coverage of the chest.According to individual needs, you should choose a suitable coaster, but be careful not to be too thick or too thin to avoid affecting wearing.

5. Slow width

The width of the hem is one of the important indicators to measure the comfort of sexy underwear.The loose hem (especially the part of contact with the navel site) can effectively relieve the pressure on the abdomen and increase the comfort of wearing.

6. Steel ring design

The steel ring design in sexy underwear affects the support of the chest. Be sure to choose a steel ring design that meets the requirements of ergonomic engineering, so as not to cause compression and damage to the breast, but it is best to avoid steel wire underwear.

7. Conjusational sexy underwear

The conjoined sexy underwear is similar to the traditional type. It properly covers the body in an overall connection. It is more comfortable and stable to wear. It is not easy to have other types of underwear. It is a very good choice.

8. Suitable occasion

Wearing a sexy underwear should be combined with specific occasions. For example, you must choose a light, breathable and comfortable style in daily life. In sex or other special occasions, you can choose color, quantity, style, etc. according to your needs.

9. Cleaning maintenance

Like ordinary clothes, sexy underwear needs to be cleaned appropriately.Pay attention to avoid using ordinary laundry solution to wash or expose directly to avoid damage or deformation. It is best to wash it with water and dry it naturally in the ventilation.

10. Conclusion

To make sexy underwear more comfortable, the key is to choose the type, size and fabric that suits you.Details need to be paid in the process of dressing, and the appropriate type is selected according to different occasions.Only by adhering to the principles of comfortable wearing can we better appreciate the sexy charm of sexy underwear.

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