What kind of action to wear sex underwear

What kind of action to wear sex underwear

As a private clothing, sexy underwear is one of the popular categories of many women.But many women don’t know how to match various actions after wearing sexy underwear to better show their figure.This article will introduce how to match various actions to wear sexy underwear from different perspectives.

1. Standing position

When wearing sexy underwear, standing positions are particularly important.Want to make your body more perfect?Then, like walking on the catwalk, you can close your chest, and your legs are slightly separated. Pay attention to the balance of your body.

2. Siter

Wearing sexy underwear sitting positions also need to pay attention to.When sitting, you need to choose a back chair. Both feet are separated, and cross -legged legs will affect the balance of the body.By adjusting the posture of the body, you can show more beauty.

3. Walking treatment

The attitude when walking is also very important.Especially when wearing high heels, you must pay attention to the stability of footsteps. You can shake your hands gently, your body’s center of gravity falls on the toes, which looks lighter.

4. Dynamic dance

When you are dancing in sexy underwear, you need to have a sense of rhythm.Pay attention to the fluency of dance, adjust the dance steps according to the rhythm of music, and show your beauty.

5. Yoga body shape

Wearing a sexy underwear for yoga style can enhance the sexy degree of exercise.Choose a suitable breathing method to maintain the balance and comfort of the body. Pay attention to opening the chest when you focus on breathing.

6. Performance in the water

When performing in the water, sexy underwear should be more sexy.Elegant slow movements and yoga -like actions can be appropriate to show the beauty of women’s figure.

7. Running

The body movements when running can also match the sexy lingerie to express more rhythm.When speeding up the pace, pay attention to the swing of the arm and the control of breathing, which can make the figure more beautiful.

8. Outdoor sports

Women wearing sex underwear when they are sports outdoors and want to make their bodies healthier and vivid. They can choose the right time and show their beauty in a beautiful environment.

9, nightclub dance

Combining sexy underwear and nightclub dance can not only show women to self -confidence and independence, but also use the strong modern music and movements to highlight the elegance and mystery of women.

10. Ordinary daily

Women wearing sexy underwear also need to pay attention to body display in daily life.Pay attention to the straight lines of the back and shoulders, maintain the balance of home, work and sleep, and make yourself sexy and confident.


No matter what occasions, women in sexy underwear need to use their own body language to show sexy and mysterious. Through the adjustment of various attitude, they can better show the beauty and sexyness of their bodies.

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