What is the stalk of sexy lingerie term


Interest underwear is a kind of clothing that has been sought after in recent years. It emphasizes sexy, gender characteristics, personality and innovation, and is especially suitable for interesting, open -minded and confident people.Behind these various designs and uses, there are some special terms and nouns.Today, let’s discuss what the terminology of sexy underwear is, and see what these nouns represent.


The cup is a term used to describe the underwear cup, which represents the size of the underwear cup.Under normal circumstances, the size of the cup is increasing from A, B, C, and D to express the use of letters.Of course, the cup size also exists independent parts outside A and B, called AA, AAA, etc.


Bouncing underwear is a choice for breast augmentation and shaping. Its role is to shape the perfect waistline by fixing the entire waist tightly, and at the same time make the chest stand upright and plump.In some cases, the waist underwear may also be equipped with a chest pad with an angle effect.


The lace means to enhance the visual effects of sexy underwear.It is often used in the front, side, back, shoulder straps, and hem of the underwear. It is more common in the materials of underwear, such as lace, linen, silk, etc.


Inlaid underwear is a complex collage pattern underwear consisting of many flowers, lace and trim.It is usually accompanied by natural, open, and luxurious impression.Common on bridesmaids and wedding underwear.


Setting slit is one of the important design elements of underwear.It represents a small mouth on the front or lower part of the underwear, which meets the ups and downs of the body and ordinary physiological needs.The size of the slit depends on the needs and preferences of individuals for their figure.


The suspender is a corset with a strap with a strap. Compared with the conventional two -shoulder version, the sling design is lighter and not easy to hang.The styles and shapes of the camisole are diverse, and they are applied in daily and fitness.


Beam hips are a kind of underwear specifically used to shape the hip lines. It uses special design and materials on the hips, which can effectively stretch the hip muscle group, make the hips firmer, and the lines are more coordinated and harmonious.Bid -hip underwear is usually used with waist or waist seal to play a better effect.

Half cup

The half -cup underwear is a smaller underwear design. It reduces the amount, highlights the outline, and significantly improves the curve.Like its name, the half cup has a small cover above the chest, but it is not completely covered with the chest.


Tattoo underwear is a underwear combining printed and patterns with muscle texture and tattoo patterns.Its style has both natural, art and culture, but also has the role of fashion and decoration.It is usually made of relatively soft and soft materials, such as cotton, silk, or pure wool.


In short, sexy lingerie terms involve many complex designs and concepts. For buyers and manufacturers, understanding these terms can better understand the design of underwear, choose the style that suits them, and promote underwear.

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