What is the sexy underwear open crotch pants band?

What is the sexy underwear open crotch pants band?

1. Understand open crotch pants band

Open crotch pants are a kind of sexy underwear. It has a small opening at the crotch, which is convenient for women to perform sexual behaviors or sex games.Before buying an open crotch pants, you need to understand your size and figure so that you can choose the style that suits you best.

2. Check the status of pants

Before tied the crotch pants, you need to check the status of the pants.If there are some unsuitable places, such as burrs and defects on the trousers, you need to deal with it and then perform the next step.

Third, put the pants well

Put your pants on the bed or other flat surface, and carefully observe the length, size and location of the pants.If it is a newly purchased sexy underwear, it is recommended to expose it for a while in the sun to better stretch the pants.

Fourth, first tie trousers belt

First of all, you need to tie your trouser belt first to ensure that your pants will not slip.After tied the trouser belt, open the crotch along the crotch to expose the position of the open crotch pants.

Fifth, pull the open crotch pants band slightly open

Pull the open crotch pants band slightly to facilitate women to perform sexual or sex games.Be careful not to excessively open it to avoid damage to the opening.

6. Adjust the position of the strap

Adjust the position of the band, so that the fabric of the crotch can be fully expanded, and it is convenient for sexual behavior or sex games.At the same time, the length and width of the pants should be appropriate to avoid affecting the effect.

Seven, tightly open crotch pants band

Began to tighten the crotch pants band. It should be noted that do not knot too tightly, otherwise it will affect the use effect.It is best to keep the strap firm, but it must be guaranteed not too tight.

8. Push -pull test

After tie the open crotch pants band, you need to push the pull -pull test.If the band is too tight, you can unlock and adjust it; if the band is too loose, it needs to be tightened again until the best use effect.

Nine, wearing sexy sheets

After tie the crotch pants band, you can put on the sexy underwear.Adjust the position and size of the pants again to ensure that it is more comfortable and effective.

10. Improve accessories

Finally, if necessary, you can add accessories, such as sex stockings, high heels, etc.These accessories can not only increase the beauty of women, but also improve the adhesion and comfort of sexual behavior.


Open the crotch opening and tie the open crotch pants belt is a necessary step when wearing a sexy underwear.Only by mastering the correct method can we improve the usage rate and quality of sexy underwear.I hope that every beautiful woman can pay attention to this link and enjoy the beauty of sexy underwear.

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