What is the generalest sex underwear


Interest underwear is a kind of women’s underwear that integrates fashion and sexy.In modern society, they are becoming more and more popular with women.In addition, because of their various styles and uses, you may find it difficult to find a sexy underwear that suits you.But don’t worry.In this article, we will discuss some different types of sexy underwear and the different characteristics of various underwear.


Babydoll is a typical sexy underwear. It is usually a bra with a tulle or lace material, and the lower part is a loose skirt.Unlike his interesting underwear, Babydoll has no tight design.Its design is light and elegant, usually making women’s figures more sexy and charming.

Shaping underwear

Like wedding or professional suits, shaping underwear is a sexy underwear that can shape curves and slim.It is suitable for wearing on weddings, evenings, etc.Shaping underwear is usually made of elastic material, which can well shape women’s shape more perfect.

Sexy bra

Sexy bras are underwear that make women’s chests more prominent.It is usually made of some special materials, such as lace, velvet or metal texture.Generally speaking, its design is more advanced and delicate.


The suspender is a device worn on the waist for fixing socks.The camisole can improve the body of women and make their waist ratio more perfect.In addition, the suspender is also consistent with the color and material of the socks, making the female figure more charming.

Gauze skirt

The gauze skirt is a sexy style of sexy underwear.It is simple to design. It is usually just a tulle with lace or transparent satin. It can cover the lower body well, and also enhances the charm and sexy of women.

Role -playing underwear

Role -playing underwear is a sexy underwear that allows women to simulate different characters.This underwear usually imitates the materials such as lace, net eye, etc., allowing women to be like police, school flowers or doctors.

Hip -hip underwear

Hip -hip -up underwear is a sexy underwear similar to the body -shaping underwear.The focus of its design is to pull the hips upwards, making the hips fuller and raised, and make women’s shape more perfect.

Chest sticker

The chest sticker is a kind of underwear that can shape the chest curve without wearing a bra.It is suitable for clothes with deep V -neckline on the back.Because women do not need to wear bra, women can wear various types of clothes freely.

Bodied underwear

Bid body underwear is a sexy underwear that integrates shaping and warmth.Its material is elastic, which can closely fit the body, and at the same time emphasizes narrowing the waist and waistline.It is suitable for wearing in winter and can make women’s figures more slim.


The above are some different types of sex underwear and their characteristics.Select the right sexy underwear according to personal needs, style and taste.No matter what type of sexy underwear, it is also very important to choose a suitable size and quality of your own.In addition, it is also necessary to understand the storage and cleaning methods of love underwear.

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