What is the first taste of sexy underwear

The first impression of sexy underwear:

Interest underwear has an important feature that its first impression is important.In the first impression of sexy underwear, the most important factor is the taste.For novices, it is easy to be confused by various materials and styles, and I don’t know how to choose.At this time, starting from the taste, you may make you make a choice easier.

The importance of smell on sexy underwear:

The taste of erotic underwear is not found because it is sexy underwear, but because of its own material, production technology and other factors.Therefore, for sexy underwear, the sense of smell is a very important part.Only through the sense of smell can we quickly identify whether the sexy underwear meets the standard.

Different materials of sexy underwear are different:

Different materials bring different odors.For example, pure cotton’s sexy underwear will have a fresh taste, and the silk erotic underwear will have a strong mulberry silk fragrance. Most people think that the most scent of smell is the strong rubber flavor.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the material to avoid affecting the experience due to odor.

How to eliminate the odor of sexy underwear:

What should I do if you buy a more odory underwear?At this time, don’t worry about it.You can put sex underwear to a ventilated place and let it taste naturally.If it is still not good, you can also use professional anti -flavors.However, it should be noted that do not use too irritating cleaning agents to avoid damage to sexy underwear.

The relationship between erotic underwear and body:

Interest underwear is dressed closely, so its smell is closely related to our body.If our body appears, it is also easy to be absorbed by sexy underwear, forming a very unpleasant taste.Therefore, we must not only pay attention to the smell of sexy underwear, but also maintain our own cleanliness.

Different styles of sexy underwear requires different styles:

The style of sexy underwear is also very diverse.Some styles are suitable for daily wear, and some are suitable for special occasions.Therefore, we need to consider the purpose of sexy underwear when buying.For example, when exercising, it is best to choose a comfortable and breathable style, and in special circumstances, you need to choose a more visual impact style.

Different smells of sexy underwear are different:

Different smells of sexy underwear are also suitable for different occasions.For example, the fresh taste is suitable for wearing in the sunny spring, and the rich aroma is suitable for wearing in the cold winter.If you buy a more smelling erotic underwear, it is best to wear only as underwear without exposing a coat alone.

Be sure to choose a sexy underwear with good breathability:

Interest underwear is a clothing close to the skin, so it is necessary to choose a material with good breathability.If you choose the material with poor breathability, it will cause skin to be impermeable, which will cause various skin problems.In addition, sexy underwear with poor breathability will also be more likely to produce odor and affect our experience.

The correct way of cleaning can extend the life of sexy underwear:

The correct way of cleaning is essential for the life of sexy underwear.Different materials need to use different cleaning methods.For example, you can use professional cleaning agents and hand -washing, but you cannot use too exciting cleaning agents.In addition, you need to pay attention to it when drying.The sexy underwear of the sun can cause problems such as hard texture and discoloration. Therefore, we need to choose a cool and ventilated environment for drying.


Although the first impression of sexy underwear comes from the taste, when choosing a sexy underwear, we need to consider factors such as materials, styles, and breathability.The correct way of cleaning can extend the life of sexy underwear.In short, although the sexy underwear has a certain "embarrassment" factor, we don’t need to treat it as a taboo.Correct understanding and use of sexy underwear will bring us more surprises and fun.

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