What does your wife buy a sexy underwear mean?


To say what to buy fun underwear means, first of all, it is clear that women’s psychology when buying sexy underwear is not all to show the temptation of the other half, and sometimes for their own confidence and pleasure.So, when is my wife buying fun underwear to be unusual?The following is my personal opinion.

Cancer 1: Change of behavior changes

Under normal circumstances, buying erotic underwear does not mean anything, just ordinary shopping behavior.However, if my wife is very concerned about sexy underwear stores recently, often there, or frequently buy such products online, then it may show that she intends to do something.

Cancer 2: The pursuit of sexual life

Many women buy sexy underwear to better enjoy sexual life.And if my wife has never showed interest in improving the quality of sex, but now I suddenly buy sexy underwear, it is likely because she wants to try more fresh things.At this time, as a husband, she should take the initiative to pay attention to her needs and explore more beautiful sex life.

Cancer three: self -exploration and cognition

For some women, choosing sexy underwear is also to explore their physical and sexy.If my wife has been unconfident about her body before, or has no in -depth understanding of her sexy, and suddenly starts to buy sexy underwear, it is likely that she starts to realize her charm and sexy.At this time, as a husband, you might as well exaggerate the charm of his wife and make her more confident.

Cancer 4: Change the habit of dressing

In daily life, my wife was suddenly keen to wear sexy underwear, not just a signal worthy of attention during sex.Maybe she wants to show different styles, or to make her life more interesting.At this time, you can try to buy and try different styles of sexy underwear with her to enhance the intimacy between husband and wife.

Cancer 5: Investment for marriage life

In marriage life, some women buy sexy underwear to express their investment and emotions for marriage.If my wife buys sexy underwear for herself and the other half, it can be seen that she cares about marriage and wants to create more fun for herself and the other half.

Cancer 6: Enhance your charm

Buying sexy underwear is also a way to enhance personal charm.If my wife starts to buy and wear sexy underwear regularly, it can be understood as an attempt to make her look more charming and sexy.At this time, she can show her appreciation and praise, making her more confident and beautiful.

Cancer 7: In order to meet the needs of the partner

Sometimes my wife may buy sexy underwear in order to meet the needs of the other half.For example, the other half means she wants to wear sexy underwear, or add some stimulus and fun to the bed, and so on.At this time, you should pay attention to the needs of the other half, but you cannot ignore your needs and feelings.

Cancer 8: Experience new things and stimuli

Buying sex underwear may also be to try new things and stimuli.If my wife suddenly bought some special styles or material sexy underwear, it can be understood as her curiosity about new things and feelings.At this time, you can try with her to increase the interaction and fun between husband and wife.

Clues Nine: In order to improve the quality of sex

Sex underwear is helpful for the improvement of sexual life quality.If my wife buys sexy underwear for consideration in this regard, it can be understood that she wants to make the sexual life of both parties better.In this case, it can be understood that she wants to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife, and is willing to try and work for this.

Clues 10: Need to soothe and comfort

In the end, either his wife was in a bad mood and needed some psychological comfort; or when she saw sex underwear, she felt that they were very beautiful and needed to buy.Whenever the situation, as a husband, she should understand her feelings and pay attention, comfort and support her with love and patience.

in conclusion

In short, when your wife buying fun underwear means different things, they need to be analyzed according to specific conditions and clues.As a qualified husband, you should understand the psychological needs of women, respect their personality and ideas, and explore more fun with them with them.

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