What does it mean to have sex underwear without lining


Interest underwear is a necessary fashion item for modern sexy women. It can not only satisfy visual enjoyment, but also increase interest and fun.When buying sexy underwear, women often face various styles. Among them, sexy underwear without lining is a popular one.So, what does it mean that sexy underwear does not have a lining?


Interesting underwear does not have a lining, that is, the underwear cup does not contain a pad with a sponge or other material. To put it more accurately, there is no thickened chest pad.Compared with traditional underwear, it is thinner, natural, and more natural fun.In addition, the sexy underwear without end lining is generally more breathable, so that the breasts can get enough air circulation, reducing breast problems caused by negative breathing.


Interesting underwear has no end lining, which can not only highlight the natural curve of women’s chest, but also better fit the outline of the body, making the figure more perfect.Compared with thick underwear cups, they are thinner, more natural and breathable.In addition, sexy liquids without lining are usually more fashionable and more sexy, so they are more popular with modern women.


Interest underwear has no lining for women with less flat breasts, because without thickened underwear cups or chest pads, women with flat breasts will feel that there is not enough support, resulting in the depression of the chest.Moderate women are more suitable for wearing erotic underwear.

What do you need to pay attention to when you wear?

When wearing a sexy underwear without a lining, you need to pay attention to the following points: First of all, choosing the right size is very critical. Excessive or too small underwear is not suitable. It will cause unnecessary burden on the chest.There is adverse effects.Secondly, if you need to participate in sports or other more intense activities in sexy underwear, it is best to make some reinforcement on your shoulders and chests to avoid unnecessary Peep Show.Finally, when wearing a sexy underwear without lining, you need to pay attention to the transparency and texture of the underwear. You must choose good materials and suitable colors to avoid misconduct or too high transparency and cause trouble.

How to choose a sexy underwear without a lining?

When choosing a sexy underwear without a lining, you need to pay special attention to the following factors: First of all, the size must be selected, otherwise it will cause uncomfortable or even pain.Followed by styles, sexy lingerie without lining is generally more transparent and sexy. Choosing too exposed or inappropriate styles will affect the beauty. It is recommended to choose according to your chest shape and body.Finally, the texture. In addition to considering the comfort, you also need to pay attention to the details such as obstruction and durability.

When is it suitable for wearing a sexy underwear without lining?

Wearing erotic underwear without lining is generally suitable for the following occasions: dating, sex, party, summer, daily life and so on.If you want to increase your sexy atmosphere or breathe naturally and freely, it is a good choice to choose a sexy underwear without lining.

What are the advantages and disadvantages compared with the sex liquid underwear?

Compared with the sex liquid underwear with the lining, there are several advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear without lining: the advantages include wearing more natural, thin, breathable, and more comfortable; the disadvantages include women with flat breasts.Pay special attention to the transparency and material of the underwear.

in conclusion

Interest underwear without lining is a stylish, sexy, and natural dressing experience. Its advantages include lightness, breathable, comfortable, and applied on various occasions.For women who want to increase their sexy atmosphere or want to breathe more freely, it is a good choice to choose a non -internal lining underwear that suits you.

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