What do you wear in sexy underwear

What should I wear before preparing to take a lot of photos?

Take photos of sexy underwear requires a perfect plan. From the purchase of sexy underwear to the shooting location, the preparation is stepped step by step to make the image more beautiful.

Don’t ignore underwear selection

The effect of underwear for sexy pictures is very important, so try to choose the patterns in the underwear style as much as possible, which can highlight your own sexy lines. At the same time, avoid too ordinary styles, making the entire picture very bland.

Sexy and comfort coexist

Choosing sexy underwear not only pays attention to the appearance, but also pay attention to its comfort. The sequin decoration of the stars may stimulate the skin. Before choosing, you must try it on to ensure that the underwear will not cause your skin to cause any discomfort.

Be self -confidence

The core of sexy pictures is to show your self -confidence and sexy, so it is necessary to adjust your status before shooting. It is necessary to maintain self -confidence and make your posture more natural and vivid.

Don’t ignore the overall shape

Sexy pictures are not only sexy underwear, but also parts including makeup and hairstyles. Therefore, the overall shape must also be considered before shooting, so as to make the entire picture more perfect.

Use accessories correctly

The erotic underwear itself can also play a role in accessories, but if it is equipped with other accessories in the shooting, it will add more overall effects. Do not make the whole picture look too monotonous.

Select the location correctly

The shooting location is a key step, especially in sexy pictures.It is recommended to choose a theme -style scene, such as high -end hotels, intimate and private rooms, or outdoor psychedelic scenes.

The use of light and shadow

Shooting requires light projection. Choosing to use light or natural light will play a special role in sexy underwear and your shape.

Show sexy grasp

In shooting, it should be as sensitive as possible, such as the edge of the underwear, the navel and other parts, and the back lines to add your sexy elements.

Final overall view

Successful sexy pictures not only test art plans and preparations, but also the consideration of every detail is very important.After shooting, it takes time to examine the shooting results to see which parts can be optimized. The place where the appreciation is successful will continue to improve in the next shooting.

in conclusion

When shooting sexy underwear, choosing styles, maintaining confidence, paying attention to the overall shape, and the planning of the correct use of light and shadow and the planning location is very important.Prepare carefully, you can definitely take better, more sexy and moving photos.

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