What clothes do you put on the outer clothes outside

What clothes do you put on the outer clothing underwear?

Sex underwear creates visual and psychological seductives. Putting on sexy underwear will stimulate your physical and mental health, and then build a positive emotional response.However, the wearing of sexy underwear needs to be suitable for different occasions. Private gatherings can wear external products, but entering public places such as shopping in the company, it is slightly difficult to wear. Today we will discuss it together, what clothes are placed on the outside of sex underwear.

1. Main point of wear

The basic principles of wearing sexy underwear are "simplified", because the color and material of the sexy underwear have been prominent enough. Too complicated clothes will cause unnecessary interference one by one.Select the relatively simple clothing of styles and colors to match. It is best to have a dark or nude color system. It complements the occasion with the sexy on the underwear.

2. Neutral clothing

If you are a novice, you must match the appropriate clothing to modify the underwear. It is recommended to choose some neutral clothing to jacket.For example, loose shirts, suit short jackets, casual jackets and so on.Neutral styles and colors can be very good and sexy with sexy underwear, making the overall shape more harmonious.

3. tulle jacket

The tulle jacket is a good partner of sexy underwear. This coat is light, soft, and sexy and elegant, which can reveal the texture and color of the underwear. It is a dating style that is not humble when it is matched.With the coat, raising your hands is temptation.

4. Loose clothing

For the defects in the body, it is also recommended that everyone with loose clothing to modify.For example, loose long coats, irregular skirts, loose pullover sweaters, etc., with suitable shoes to create a relaxed and stylish shape.

5. robes

If you want to highlight the noble temperament of underwear, you can try a long silk nightdress or a luxurious funny robe jacket.The materials of this type of clothing are more sophisticated. With simple shoes and handbags, it shows the elegance of women.

6. Palace

You can appreciate the holiday of big -name Fan Er -the fun pajamas jacket of pure fabrics, the soft material wraps the body, bringing you a new comfortable experience.Under the embellishment of stockings, add a sense of show, without losing elegance and sexy temperament.

7. suspender vest

If you like to match a camisole, you can choose a soft and comfortable sexy underwear, and choose a bright color or pure black camisole, and then wear loose vests, which is more suitable for daily wear.

8. denim jacket

In the end, there is an indispensable denim jacket. This very distant matching choice is always the unbeaten classic.Putting on a denim jacket and sexy underwear, it brings people an alternative sense of fashion. The perfect combination of wild sex and sexy, especially suitable for proper and stylish girls.

All in all, while choosing a sexy underwear, how to wear it is also part of it cannot be ignored.The above -mentioned method of wear and clothing can be escorted for your underwear on different occasions.It should be noted that the style of the coat must be well matched, and the bad combination will make the original sexy sexy underwear very embarrassing.

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