What clothes can be used as sexy underwear at home

What clothes can be used as sexy underwear at home?

Sex underwear often refers to those sexy, teasing and exciting underwear.However, it is not easy to buy some sexy underwear, especially when the wallet is not allowed to spend too much.So, can you find the original clothes in the family to replace the sexy underwear?


Stockings can be reminiscent of typical sexy underwear, but in fact, it is a kind of underwear in itself.Putting stockings with high heels and a sexy top can create a sexy and teasing effect.

Transparent top

The transparent top can be used to pair with a camisole and corset, which is very suitable for women who want to show the perfect chest.It can be considered from mild and transparent to very transparent styles, depending on your own preferences.

Tube top

The tube top is a lace -made top, which is often used in the accessories of horse bee narrow skirts.However, it can also be worn alone with high waist pants and high heels to create a sexy and charming feeling.


Like the tube top, short skirts can also be paired with high -waisted pants and suspenders to create a sexy effect.Especially those clever lining can be more attractive.


The robe is also a kind of pajamas, but those soft and transparent materials can also make you feel sexy quietly.Especially those styles with lace, hollow or transparent effects can feel more irritating.

Vest underwear

The vest underwear was originally used with a suit or a warm underwear, but the styles of slightly transparent, lace and silver -silk ingredients are more suitable for sexy underwear.


Many pajamas are very suitable for sexy underwear, but they need some sexy elements to attract eye -catching.Or, you can buy those sexy pajamas to replace sexy underwear.

Shoulder -free top

The shoulder -free top can show women’s collarbone and shoulders very well. It is a very sexy top.If you have no interesting underwear, you can consider the shoulder -free top first.


The tights mainly emphasize the curve and shape of the body, which is very suitable for wearing in the situation of interest.Using naked fragments and transparent effects can enhance the sexyness of the entire dress.


Of course, these original clothes cannot replace perfect sexy underwear.Real sexy underwear uses better materials and design, which can better show your body curve and form, and can bring you a stronger sense of excitement.However, if your budget is limited, the above clothes are a good choice.

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