What about a woman who can wear sex underwear?

Introduction: Start with sexy underwear

Interest underwear is an important weapon for women to express their sexy charm and increase the atmosphere of sex. For women who know how to wear themselves, they are not only a fashionable taste, but also a lifestyle.However, choosing a suitable set of sexy underwear also requires skills and skills.Let’s take a look at how women who can wear sexy underwear reflect their personality and charm.

Step 1: Measure your shoulder width and bust

If you want to wear beautiful sexy underwear, you first need to ensure the accuracy of the size.Some women have not measured accurately, which causes the sexy underwear to buy back too loose or too tight, which affects the effect of wearing.Therefore, measuring your own shoulder width and bust is crucial.Only in this way can you choose the right size correctly.

Step 2: Choose a style suitable for your body shape

When choosing a sexy underwear style, different body shapes need to choose different styles.For example, people with smaller chests are suitable for choosing a flat -breasted sexy underwear, which can play a role in breast enhancement.People with plump chests are more suitable for choosing three -dimensional sexy underwear, which can not only shape the shapely body shape, but also show sexy charm.

Step 3: With suitable underwear

The matching underwear of sexy underwear is also very important. It should ensure that the overall matching is harmonious and unified.You can choose to match the underwear that is the same or close to the color of the sexy underwear, or match the underwear with the same background color.

Step 4: Choose the right color and material

Color and material are important factor affecting the effect of sexy lingerie.Light color is suitable for women with fair skin tone, and dark colors are suitable for women with darker skin tone.In terms of material, selecting fabrics with good texture and soft touch can play a better dressing effect.

Step 5: Pay attention to the order of dressing

When wearing a sexy underwear, put on underwear first, then wear sexy underwear, and finally put on clothes.This can avoid unnecessary embarrassment of sexy underwear on clothes.

Step 6: Pay attention to detail processing

Perfect sex underwear needs to pay attention to the details of details.To avoid the phenomenon of balls, folds, burrs and other phenomena on sexy underwear, try to ensure the perfection of details.At the same time, you need to pay attention to the occasions and time of wearing sexy underwear. Don’t let the sexy lingerie wear too exposed or inappropriate.

Step 7: The way of self -confidence

Showing perfect sexy underwear needs to be confident in expression.Women should show their charm and temperament through elegant attitude, confident smile, generous behavior, etc. to show their charm and temperament.

Step 8: Daily maintenance of sexy underwear

Sex underwear requires daily maintenance to ensure its quality.It is recommended to use natural detergents and warm water handwashing to avoid using washing machines and dryers.In addition, avoid excessive pulling and friction to protect the fabrics and parts of sexy underwear.

Conclusion: Women who can wear sexy underwear are more charming and confident

Women who can wear sexy underwear are very well done on the skills and details of wearing, which can highlight their sexy charm and intellectual charm.They are not only expressing their own style and taste, but also pursue their own lifestyle and values.Therefore, as long as you master the wearing skills of sexy underwear, you can make yourself more charming and confident.

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