Wearing sexy underwear restraint

Wearing sexy underwear restraint

For many people, sexy underwear is a mysterious and attractive clothes.They aim to enhance people’s sexy and self -confidence.In this article, we will deeply explore the different types of sexy underwear and the use of sexual life, especially the word "restraint" that is often mentioned when wearing erotic underwear.

Sexual Emotional Lingerie Type

The types of sexy underwear are different.Beautiful women’s sexy lingerie, European and American sexy underwear, sexy sexy lingerie, and adult sex lingerie are the most common types.There are many different designs and materials as needed.For those who like to feel personal clothes, tights, corsets, stockings and pantyhose are a good choice.For those who like to be deeply constrained, restraint products can become an ideal choice.

What is restraint

Different from general erotic underwear, restraint supplies are not only to enhance the pleasure of feeling, but also allow users to experience a strong sense of constraints.Under normal circumstances, this kind of supplies will fix the body in a specific posture, or limit the freedom of the hands and feet to achieve the purpose of restraint.

Types of restraint products

There are many different types of restraint products, including handcuffs, hipcuffs, necks and whips, and so on.In addition, common ones are binding ropes, mouthball and blindness.The purpose of these tools is to achieve physical constraints and restrictions, and increase sexual interest and stimulus.

How to choose a restraint that suits you

When choosing a restraint, we need to consider our own comfort and security.Before choosing, you can conduct online surveys to find some common types and their own advantages and disadvantages.If you are a novice, it is recommended to choose some simple restraint tools, such as leather handcuffs and neck circles.Before using any tool, be sure to check whether it is safe and make sure you have understood how to use.

Enjoy the feeling of "restraint"

For many people, wearing erotic underwear and use of restraint products can make people very excited and full of adventure.This experience makes people feel free and restricted, and it also inspires physical and emotional desires.Whether it is to experience some slight constraints or the body’s completely restrained, all this is the way to enjoy the body of yourself and his partner.

The charm brought by the restraint

In real life, sometimes sexy underwear and restraint products are misunderstood as some excessive and unhealthy behaviors of sexual behavior.However, the real purpose of these toys is to provide users with a useful and positive experience experience.Remember, it is important to communicate and communicate with the partner’s moral agreement. Only when the two parties fully understand and agree can it continue to use.


In general, sexy underwear and restraint supplies are a popular form that can improve users’ confidence and sexy, and also bring many fun and excitement to users.Pay attention to physical and safety problems when using, but also understand the needs and desires of yourself and partners.If used correctly, sexy underwear and restraint products will undoubtedly bring unparalleled pleasure and satisfaction to users.

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