Wearing sexy underwear on the door to sell


Wearing sexy underwear on -site sales is a new marketing method in the current marketing field.It can not only attract customers’ attention, but also enhance the desire to buy customers and increase sales.However, there are certain risks and challenges in this way, and some skills need to be mastered to face these issues.

Choose the right sexy underwear

When doing on -site sales, the first task is to choose the right sexy underwear.This requires selection based on the gender, age, occupation and other characteristics of target customers.For female customers, you can choose soft materials such as lace, silk, etc., focusing on the comfort and sexy level of wearing; for male customers, underwear with strong visual impact should be selected.

Pretend to be tidy

When wearing a sexy underwear to sell, the dress of the seller is also crucial.It is necessary to maintain a tidy and decent instrument, show yourself and products with a confident attitude, and with appropriate makeup and hairstyle to highlight your charm.

Find the right marketing channel

In addition to choosing the right sexy underwear and dressing, you also need to find the right marketing channel.You can communicate with potential customers through social media, mail, SMS, etc., seize the opportunities for communication with customers, and guide customers’ purchase decisions.

Prepare to promote materials

It is also necessary to prepare the information and promotional materials that are ready to sell when doing on -site sales.These information include information such as the introduction of the company, product introduction, and price, which can help sellers sell products better to customers.

Pay attention to communication skills

When communicating with customers, you need to pay attention to communication skills.First of all, you need to understand the needs and interests of customers, and establish a good communication relationship with customers; second, you need to accurately answer the customer’s questions to help customers solve their doubts. Finally, you need to provide professional suggestions and plans to guide customers to make correct purchases.decision making.

Consider the customer’s response

When wearing sexy underwear on -door sales, the customer’s response needs to be considered.Some customers may feel embarrassing and uncomfortable, which requires the seller to pay attention to observing the customer’s response, ease the atmosphere and the customer’s tension in a timely manner to achieve better sales results.

Pay attention to safety issues

In the door -to -door sales, sellers need to pay attention to safety issues.First of all, you need to understand the background and reputation of the customer, and choose a safe environment. Second, you need to prevent and cope with possible safety issues in advance to ensure your own safety.

Master the way to reject

In the process of on -site sales, it will inevitably encounter a refusal.For this situation, the seller needs to calm down and find the correct way to resolve the embarrassing situation. Do not affect the progress of their emotions and sales.


Wearing a sexy underwear on -door sales is a challenging marketing method, which requires sellers to have certain professional knowledge and skills.At the same time, we also need to pay attention to safety issues and avoid offense of customers.Only through continuous practice and summary can we continuously improve the effect and success rate of on -site sales.

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