Wearing sex lingerie European and American models

Wearing sex lingerie European and American models

Interest underwear has always been a mysterious topic in private, which makes people look forward to the kind of teasing and sexy atmosphere.European and American models are even more like to wear. The perfect interpretation of the figure and the sexy deepness are unforgettable.Today, I will introduce the classic methods and skills of some European and American models to wear sexy underwear to help you erupt your sexy charm.

1. Understand your body model

Different body models require different dressing skills.If you want to wear sexy, you must first understand your body model and choose a sexy underwear suitable for your body.Following European and American models immediately, the slender figure is most suitable for wearing tight and high -waisted sexy underwear, while a plump figure is suitable for wearing soft lace and silk -made sexy underwear to add a soft curve.

2. Start from color

Color choice is also very important, it can make people’s temperament very different.For smoky girls who prefer black and white and gray, it is best to choose black or purple sexy underwear, and sexy beauties who prefer bright colors are best to choose bright red and gorgeous gold.

3. Abandoned brown underwear

The choice of dressing type, do not choose brown or nude underwear. This color is not suitable for fair skin, and European and American models also choose this color very little.Choose sexy underwear with rich detail elements, such as embroidery, lace, transparent material or straps to light up the entire underwear.

4. Shawed coat matching

In terms of matching, European and American models are more stacked with a shawl jacket on the sexy underwear, which shows sexy femininity in elegance.You can also create a more sexy atmosphere by pairing with silk scarves, high -quality stockings, leggings, and high heels.

5. Reject too light color

Although domestic women have a special love for pink and white sexy underwear, in Europe and the United States, this too elegant color is not suitable for sexy underwear.Light -colored underwear can make the skin lose texture, it looks dull, and cannot show the beauty of women’s bodies cleverly.

6. Red color sexy underwear is a must -have

Red color sex lingerie is one of the must -have for European and American models. This is because red can add women’s charm and enhance women’s aura, which looks more sexy and tempting.European and American models love to wear lace and red gloves with red pornographic underwear on the stage.

7. Lace design clothing is the first choice

The clothing design of lace is one of the first choice for sexy underwear. The elegant and beautiful lines, the leisurely and graceful breath can make people trembling.Lace underwear is not only a representative of sexy underwear, but also represents women’s rich and sexy connotations.

8. You need to pay attention to wearing

Although European and American models are sexy, they do not mean that they can wear arbitrarily on any occasion.In the workplace, wearing an appropriate amount of sexy underwear, not only youthful but also eye -catching, it is the best proof of women’s pursuit of success.

in conclusion

It is not difficult to wear sexy underwear. The key is how to match it, to grasp your physical characteristics, choose items suitable for your body, and choose the right color and style.At the same time, in the essentials of wearing sexy underwear, pay special attention: body shape, color, style, and matching are all aspects that everyone needs to pay attention to and understand.Finally, you should find your favorite sexy underwear and wear your own unique sexy experience.

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