Wearing erotic underwear enchanting posture

Wearing erotic underwear enchanting posture

Choose the appropriate sexy lingerie style

Wearing a sexy underwear, you must first choose a style that suits you.Some women like sexy corsets and G strings, while others prefer lace wrapped underwear and briefs.No matter what style, you must consider whether it is suitable for your body proportions and personal preferences.

Appropriate size is the key

When wearing a sexy underwear, choosing the right size is more important than any time.If the size of the underwear is too small, the edge of the bra will be cut into the chest. It will be very uncomfortable to wear, and it will also affect the appearance effect.And too much size will make your chest look sag and relax.The correct size can make your figure show the best state.

Pay attention to match

While choosing sexy underwear, it is also very important to match.You can choose bottom pants that are similar to the color of the sexy underwear or the opposite to make the overall match more coordinated.In addition, you can also choose some accessories to improve the entire dressing grade, such as gloves and necklaces.

Put the jacket correctly

When wearing sexy underwear, make sure that the edge of the bra is flat, and the shoulder strap should not be too tight or loose. At the same time, you must avoid lingerie from looseness and affect the visual effect.In addition, when wearing lace or lace underwear, pay attention to avoid cracks on the underwear, affecting the entire effect.

Proficient in various ways of decomposition

Lifting is almost the skill that everyone can do, but when wearing a sexy underwear, there are many ways to decompose clothes, and some are not very good.For example, how to take off strap -type underwear, vest underwear, and so on.Choosing the appropriate method will make your process smoother.

Stand up elegantly, and relax the sitting position

When wearing sex underwear, you should also pay attention to your posture. It is recommended to stand vertically.At the same time, you must pay attention to sitting down when wearing underwear, relax your expression, and let your body naturally show beautiful lines.

Check the effect with a mirror

Wearing erotic underwear must not only have confidence in yourself, but also ensure the beautiful and charming you wear.When wearing underwear, you can use the mirror to from the inspection to ensure that there is no problem with the underwear matching, and each part can achieve the ideal visual effect.

Dance and photos are bonus points

The last suggestion is that when wearing sexy underwear, you can choose to dance a small dance or take some simple photos to show your beauty.These actions and attitudes are the perfect display of sexy underwear.


In addition to wearing sexy underwear, in addition to choosing underwear with suitable styles and correct sizes, you should also pay attention to the overall matching, wear underwear correctly, and pay attention to your posture and expression.The final effect is extremely important and unforgettable.

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