Wearing a sexy underwear is tied up

Wearing a sexy underwear is tied up


If you are looking for some unusual and sexy experiences, you may want to try to wear sexy underwear and be tied.For some people, this is an exciting and exciting game.In this article, we will introduce some important precautions that are tied up in sexy underwear and how to carry out safe, pleasant and meaningful experiences.

Choose the right sexy underwear


First of all, you have to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Interest underwear is usually designed to enhance sexy, implied, and temptation, so appearance, style and materials are very important.Some materials, such as silk, mesh, or leather, can effectively enhance sexy and imaginative.However, some materials may also cause allergies or discomfort, so make sure that the sexy underwear you choose meets your physical needs and sensitivity.

Have a security strategy


Before wearing a sexy underwear, you need to ensure safety.Safety strategies include location, sexy underwear materials and binding tools.Do not conduct such activities under the presence of an unknown place or unattended.You also need to choose the right binding tools, some tie rope, handcuffs, eye masks, and mouthball may be a good choice.But be sure to ensure that these mechanical devices do not have a sharp weapon and rope too tightly.

Understand your curiosity and restrictions


Before doing this kind of activity, be sure to know the curiosity and restrictions of you and your partner.Don’t force or try to achieve things that you and your partners do not want to do.Building trust and communication with partners is very important.If you or your partner is not interested or uncomfortable with binding and sexy underwear, don’t try without discussion.

Starting slowly


Be sure to start slowly before you are ready to start wearing sexy underwear.Try to use slight oppression, partial bundling, gradually aggravate, and observe your response to pain or discomfort.Gradually aggravating trying to cause more emotional reactions, physical pressure, moderate pain and release hormones will give you a pleasant feeling.

Maintain comfort and safe


When you are enjoying the experience of being tied to a sexy underwear, make sure you are comfortable and safe.If you feel discomfort such as physical discomfort or tightness, please tell your partner immediately and end the event.Must be safe and sober to ensure that your breathing is normal and maintain moderate moisture intake.Depending on the situation, you need to determine when the event is over in advance.

Unlock the restraint


When you are going to end the experience of being tied up in a messy underwear, be sure to ensure that you have unlocked all the bundle tools.Please do not let your body be restrained for too long to avoid discomfort or other physical problems.

Pursue different scenarios


If you are a enthusiast, you can pursue more sexy underwear being bundled, such as indoor scenes, outdoor scenes, upside -down scenes, and so on.When pursuing different scenes, make sure the location of the play is safe and guarantee that your partner will not put you in any dangerous situation.

in conclusion

Wearing a sexy underwear is bundled with a very interesting and exciting experience.No matter what experience you are seeking, it is important to understand security measures and always maintain safety and comfort.As you gradually explore and unlock more interesting experiences, it is important to build a good trust and communication with your partner. These experiences should be happy, imaginative and leaving good memories.

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