Wear wife sexy underwear

Wear wife sexy underwear

In recent years, sexy underwear is no longer a traditional sense of sex supplies, and more people regard it as a tool for increasing interest and flirting.In sexy underwear, his wife’s sexy underwear has attracted much attention. Wearing it can not only enhance the interaction of sexual life, but also bring a mystery and excitement.So, how to wear a wife’s sexy underwear?Here are some suggestions.

Choose a style that suits you

First of all, it is important to choose a style that suits you.Although his wife’s sexy underwear looks very sexy, not everyone is suitable for everyone.Considering factors such as body, personal temperament, habits, and choosing the best style for you can wear the best effect on your body.

Pay attention to the size of the size

Size is also a key factor.If the size of the sexy underwear is not appropriate, it will not only bring discomfort, but also affect the effect of wearing.Therefore, you must pay attention to whether the size is accurate when choosing a sexy underwear.You can communicate with the merchant in advance and measure your own size to ensure that you can buy a suitable sizes of sexy underwear.

Consider occasion

Wearing a sexy underwear itself is a kind of enthusiasm and passion, but when you wear it, you need to consider it.It is not appropriate to wear sexy underwear in daily life.It is more appropriate to wear special circumstances such as occasions, special celebration days or couple dating.

With intimate underwear

If you want to show yourself in your wife’s sexy underwear, it is very important to wear.In order to improve the texture, it is also very important to match underwear.Such as chest pads, underwear, suspenders and other underwear can effectively improve the overall texture and comfort, so that wearing convenience and overall sense is better.

Pay attention

When you wear your wife’s sexy underwear, the correct body and posture are also very important.Strong chest, abdomen, confident standing and sitting positions create the best figure and lines, leaving people with a deeper impression, so that you can feel stronger sexual attractiveness.

keep clean

Interest underwear requires additional attention to care and cleaning.Usually develop good cleaning habits to keep sexy underwear hygiene and refreshing.And try to avoid mixing with other clothes.

Don’t forget to match

Only by doing hard work can we wear sexy underwear more beautiful and generous.Pay attention to the combination of underwear and pantyhose, and the matching with other clothing.This allows your wear effect to achieve the best effect.

Enjoy every moment

Finally, remember to enjoy the fun and passion every moment.When wearing a wife’s sexy underwear, it is not only immersed in sex with his partner, but also feels the beauty of being loved and cared for.So fully enjoy the feelings that all this brings to you, maintain happiness and relaxation.

in conclusion

Wearing a wife’s erotic underwear is not only for sex, but also to increase life interest and enhance self -confidence.To choose the style and size that suits you, consider the right time and matching method, while developing good cleaning habits.Enjoying the beauty of each moment is the most important, making sexy underwear a strong assistant to improve life attitude and happiness.

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