Wear -thong pants sexy underwear


There are many varieties of sexy underwear. Among them, dotted pants and sexy underwear have aroused the interest of many women.What exactly what is thongs and pants and sexy underwear?Today we will explore its types, characteristics and ways of dressing together.

T -type pants sex lingerie type

Thin pants are usually divided into two types: normal -sized thongs and miniature thongs.Normal -sized thongs are suitable for most people, while micro -thong pants are more suitable for women who want to show their sexy, because they are more exposed.

Features of thongs and pants sexy underwear

The most significant feature of the dotted pants is the pants type, and its way of dressing is special.There is only one thin band at the rear of the pants of the pants, and there is only a little area in the front, making the body of the wearer more exposed.In addition, the pants are also good at using various materials, lace and decorations to create different traditional and fashionable styles.

Dressing of thongs for pants, dresses underwear

Wearing thongs, you need to keep personal hygiene first, and then pay attention to how to wear.Explain your body, separate your legs, and put on your pants a little bit. Be careful not to break the weak part.After wearing it, you need to adjust the position to make it more comfortable to fit your body.

Precautions for wearing thongs and underwear

Pay attention to some details in dirty pants. You need to pay attention to some details.If you want to make it more durable, it is best to wash it with your hands and wash it with cold water or warm water.In addition, avoid the use of bleach or soft agent because they destroy the materials.In terms of wearing, try to avoid intense activities to avoid unnecessary harm to the body.

How to match with thongs and pants sexy underwear

The dresses of the pants and pants can be matched with other underwear or coats.If you also want to leave more imagination space when wearing clustering underwear, you can choose a pure color long coat or pajamas, or choose a transparent tulle, which is more sexy.

Who is suitable for wearing utensils in pants

Tuto pants are not only suitable for women with well -figure, but also suitable for women with slightly plump figures.The wearing effect of thong pants is related to the degree of fit inner and outer lines.If you are a slightly plump woman, you can choose a more close -tiered pants to make up for the shortcomings in the figure.

The price range of the pants of the pants and the sex underwear

The price of pants and pants is usually between 100 yuan and 500 yuan. Brands and materials are important factor affecting the price.High -end brands of pants are relatively high in sexy underwear, but quality and quality are also more quality assurance.

How to maintain thongs and pants sexy underwear

You can use a washing machine for the dotted pants, but you must first cut off the details and then put it in a mesh bag.Similarly, pay attention to materials and temperature when washing, do not use bleach or soft agent.Do not use a dryer when drying, it is best to dry naturally to avoid direct sunlight.

in conclusion

Tinetic pants are a special underwear style. It is not only beautiful, but also can highlight the body lines of women and increase sexy temptation.Pay attention to some details in dirty pants, but as long as it is properly matched and maintained, it is a very worthy underwear.

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