Wear sex underwear to the ballroom

Wear sex underwear to the ballroom

With the level of sexual culture and the improvement of the public aesthetics, sexy underwear has become the choice of more and more women.Of course, this sexy underwear can not only be worn at home. It is also a choice worth trying to wear it when going to the ballroom.

What are the precautions for wearing fun underwear in the ballroom scene

1. Body and type

First of all, choose the right sexy underwear, you need to choose the style and size suitable for your body.Women who want to highlight the good figure can choose a tight style or a sexy candy -colored style.

2. The matching of dance clothes and sexy underwear

When matching, the style of dance clothing must complement the erotic underwear.For example, the style of off -shoulder, waist, and back is especially suitable for sexy underwear with perspective or lace.

3. The difference between performance and sexy performance on the stage

The sexy performance on the stage is different from the sexy performance represented by the sexy underwear, and it is not advisable to wear too exposed and fancy.If you show yourself in the audience area, moderate sexy is enough. Don’t be greedy for a moment to wear too much.

4. The performance of private space

To perform sexy performances in private space, it can be more exposed.However, when choosing, you still need to combine your body and personality characteristics to choose a style that suits you.


1. Makeup modification

After choosing your own sexy underwear, you start to consider makeup. Through the modification of makeup, your charm can be more prominent and enhance self -confidence.

2. Hairstyle

If you want to show your sexy, in addition to the modification of makeup, you also need good hairstyles.You can choose a tight bun or thin wave long hair, depending on the specific sexy lingerie style.

3. Dance shoes match

Finally, the matching of dance shoes.In order to increase sexuality, wearing high heels or sexy dance shoes is available.

Putting on sexy underwear expressions

1. Stage display

The sexy performance on the stage is recommended not to be too exposed.Moderate exposure is enough to attract attention.

2. Dance hall performance

You can try more sexy actions in the ballroom, but you must also adjust your performance based on the overall atmosphere and occasions.If the occasion is solemn, the clothing needs to be made more. Sexy should be the kind of cute and moving.

3. Show of private space

To show yourself in a private space, you can boldly try all kinds of figure and sexy movements.

Wear sex underwear close to the heart

Putting on sexy underwear is like having a special seemingly mysterious and unspeakable power, making people feel that they seem to become more sexy and confident from the inside out.In fact, sexy is not just an external education, it is also a kind of recognition and acceptance of itself.Choosing to wear this underwear also shows our affirmation of our hormonal potential, and it is also a declaration of our charm.


Sexy underwear has different inspirations in private space or in public places. As long as you know how to control your underwear style and performance methods, you can easily control various occasions.In fact, the greatest charm of sexy underwear is the expression of the emotion that can connect women and men together.

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