Wear sex underwear to open the door to the courier

1 Introduction

In the current Internet era, more and more people choose to shop and work at home, and courier has also become an indispensable part of our daily life.However, when opening the door to the courier, what kind of clothes and underwear we are wearing are more and more attention.Especially, is it feasible to open the door to the courier to wear a sexy underwear?

2. Types and choices of sexy underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear, including suspenders, underwear, various styles of LACE Bra, bra, sexual clothes, dance clothes, and so on.Wear sex underwear to open the door to the courier to choose a more conservative and simple style, and it is best not to choose the excessive exposure or extremely sexy style.

3. The quality and comfort of underwear

The quality and comfort of the underwear are also very important. It is recommended to choose a sexy underwear that fit the body, good breathability, and soft feel to avoid choosing a rough or easy -to -deform quality.

4. Precautions for underwear wear

Pay attention to the following issues when wearing sexy underwear: First of all, the size of the underwear should be appropriate, not too tight or too loose; second, wearing a brand or style with good sales, avoiding embarrassment and quality problems, it is recommended to avoid being too brightThe fancy color of the eye is to avoid affecting the sense of distance; in the end, wearing it should have a sense of size, showing a decent and comfortable side.

5. Courier’s views and reactions

In fact, the courier does not pay too much attention to our wear, and has no opinion on our underwear style.For courier, they care more about our attitude, polite, friendly, and respect for them.Therefore, we are wearing a sexy underwear to receive the delivery of courier delivery. It is not too embarrassing and confusing.

6. Wear self -confidence and beauty

We open the door to the courier in sexy underwear, not only pay attention to the styles and quality of the underwear, but also focus on confidence and beauty.Regardless of whether the figure is perfect, as long as the heart is full of confidence, it will naturally wear a healthy and beautiful temperament.

7. Show the body curve moderately

For sexy underwear, sometimes moderately displaying the body curve is to make us more confident and beautiful.You can properly buy those styles that can set off their own physical characteristics, so that they can show their own characteristics, but also bring them unusual visual impact when the courier delivery is delivered.

8. Matching the underwear

Paying a sex underwear to open the door to the courier still needs to pay attention to the problem of underwear.Try to choose the pants or skirts that match the underwear as a match to avoid inconsistency and conflict with the underwear.

9. Summary

To sum up, is it feasible to open the door to the courier wearing a sexy underwear?In fact, there is no problem. As long as you pay attention to the choice, size and matching problems of the underwear, and at the same time show self -confidence and beauty, you can welcome the courier’s visit.

10. Viewpoint

In life, the courier has become an indispensable part of our daily life. Wearing a sexy underwear to open the door to the courier will not cause them to trouble them. It is more about our inner confidence and self -confidence.Attitude.

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