Wear sex underwear and tease boyfriend

Shoulder strap style

The design style of sexy underwear is more free, sexy, and unique. Even after wearing it, even simple shoulder straps can show your style.

Chest sexy

The focus of sexy underwear design is often on the chest. Common lace, lace, mesh and other materials, the use of color gradient or stitching, will perfectly show your sexy in the light of the sequin.

Full hip

Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can not only plump your chest, but also help you improve the lines of your hip fat, showing the effect of hip -lifting.

Lace romance

Lace erotic underwear is the most representative style. It leaves an indelible taste and beauty with its soft, light and romantic characteristics.

Stockings temptation

The stockings with erotic underwear will enhance your temptation and bring you more sexy visual feelings.

Black and white color

Black and white color matching is the most common choice in the color matching of sexy underwear. Simple black, clean and white, and matching each other with a simple and charming effect.

Sexy belly

The bellyband is the most sexy lingerie style that can show your sexy lingerie. When you put on it, it gives a special sexy effect, and the bellyband inlaid or sequin has a better effect.


The exquisite erotic underwear design highlights your smooth skin, with a transparent mesh, allowing you to show your sexy and temptation to the fullest.

suit myself

The most important point is to choose a sexy underwear that suits you. You can choose a underwear that can best show your charm from your body and style to make your dress more decent.

Teasing boyfriend

Wearing a sexy underwear, it is more about surprise and freshness to bring sexual life to her boyfriend, but it also needs to share with him at the right time, place, and occasion to achieve the ideal results.

in conclusion

Sexy underwear can play a role in destruction in sexual life. If you want to wear such underwear to tease your boyfriend, choose a bikini sexy underwear that is suitable for you and can be in line with fashion trends is a good choice.However, it is also necessary to pay attention to appropriate use occasions and methods to play the best results.

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