Wear sex jackets in the movie

Wear sex jackets in the movie

Female characters in movies often wear sexy sexy underwear. This is not only a choice of clothing, but also a means of shaping characters.Let’s discuss several aspects of wearing sexy underwear in the movie.

1. Objective requirements

When some plots need to show the female body curve or other sexy visual effects, sexy underwear will naturally become the best choice.For example, in some passionate dramas, bed scenes, or peeping lenses, sexy underwear can be described as a beautiful landscape in clothing matching.

2. Character character

The character of female characters is inseparable from the style of dressing.Female characters wearing sexy underwear may express her self -confidence, waves, romance and other personality characteristics.For example, in "Fanghua", Yao Yao wore a set of black sexy underwear, making her look more dare to love and hate, and was provocative.

3. Plot need

Sex underwear may also be an important outline of the plot.In some sexy themes, such as "Lie Sicily", Sarah wore red lace sexy underwear, cooperated with the sexy appearance of mys, depicting her beauty and temptation, and also created a strong color for the entire film.Atmosphere.

4. Time background

The style and design of sexy underwear varies from time to the times.For example, in the 1960s and 1970s, the design of sexy underwear was simpler and bold, and the color was more vivid and unrestrained.After the 1990s, with the changes in fashion aesthetic standards, the style of sexy underwear has become more and more complicated and exquisite, and the color is more focused on texture and restraint.

5. Cultural differences

Different cultural backgrounds also affect the aesthetic of sexy underwear.For example, in Japanese movies, the aesthetic criteria for sexy underwear are relatively unique.Japanese sexy underwear focuses on innovation and cuteness, so various strange shapes and patterns often appear.These strange sexy underwear have also become the characteristic elements of some Japanese movies.

6. Audience emotion

In addition to guiding the audience’s intention to interpret the movie, the female characters wearing sexy underwear can also stimulate the audience’s imagination and imagination.In "American School", Jessica wore a set of white sexy underwear, dancing madly under the guard of the actor, causing the reveries of countless male audiences.

7. Social response

Although sexy underwear is one of the costumes that often appear in movies, in social life, its degree of acceptance is also harmonious, and different social groups accept the degree of sex underwear.But in general, as a kind of art and commodity, sexy underwear does not get too many social condemnation or disgusting.

8. Value conflict

Although sexy underwear is an indispensable role -shaping method in the movie, it still causes values conflict in some groups.For example, in some conservative communities, wearing sexy underwear is considered a manifestation of moral corruption and shamelessness.This conflict of values also reflects that the concepts of different social groups have great differences in nature and physical concepts.

Summary of view:

The application of sexy underwear in movies is not only a choice of clothing, but also a means to shape the character.It can not only show the sexy charm of women, but also reflect the aesthetic and cultural changes of contemporary society.In social life, although sexy underwear is facing the challenge of conflict of value, as a commodity and art, it has not been condemned and disgusted by society, but has become an attractive cultural symbol.

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