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Heart -shaped erotic underwear, Egyptian skirt on the belly, with a classic stockings, can make women more sexy and charming.But sometimes, we will find that we don’t know how to match stockings, or it is not suitable.Today, we will bring you some skills and suggestions with stockings with sexy underwear.There are some videos here to inspire your design and understand how to accessible your erotic underwear.

Preparation and front requirements

Before you start with sexy underwear and stockings, make sure you already have all the necessary preparations and requirements:

Learn different types of sexy underwear, stockings and shoes

Make sure your selection size and color are suitable for your body and skin tone

Correct your aesthetic knowledge and make sure you have been in a state of satisfaction

Highlighting the advantages of women

To truly highlight the advantages of women, you need to choose a matching solution with advantages.Increase your body outline, extreme shape and position into consideration to ensure that the matching of underwear and stockings really highlight your advantages.At the same time, understand the main principles of your advantage, especially the balance of attention and proportion, so that you can make better choices on the matching solution.

Selection of color selection of feminine charm

Color can strengthen women’s advantages and support the expression of women’s charm.For example, you can match the black sexy underwear with black stockings, which is not only suitable for all occasions, but also highlights the sense of luxury.In addition, you can choose colorful underwear and stockings, such as red, silver, or gold, which can make you more outstanding on specific occasions.

Selection of sexy lingerie style

Choosing attractive bikinis, corset or bra can allow you to attract the attention of others on any occasion.At the same time, when choosing underwear, pay attention to details and possible defects to ensure that it meets your requirements and meet your favorite matching needs.

Mainly feel comfortable

Although we want to be beautiful, when choosing underwear and stockings, we need to ensure that the entire matching scheme is comfortable and natural, which also promotes the glory and outstanding performance of the style.Make sure you choose comfortable materials to ensure that you get the best comfort in the process of matching.

Understand the size

Make sure the size you choose is correct.If it is too small, then you may feel uneasy throughout the process.If it is too big, the entire match will be a bit lost.Make sure you measure your body carefully so that you can choose the correct size.

Lack of bright colors that can be tried

If you lack self -confidence or try some bold attempts on the matching scheme, we recommend that you choose some vivid colors, such as impressive metallic sexy underwear and stockings or other bright colors.This can be included in attention, attracting others’ attention, and at the same time, it can also make you feel confident and comfortable.

Consider occasion

Different occasions are required for different occasions. For example, you need to choose a more formal sexy underwear and stockings when attending a wedding. In the evening, you can choose some more indulgent matching solutions.Choose the most suitable matching solution according to personal preferences such as the occasion and personality.

Setable season selection

You can choose universal underwear and stockings, but make sure they meet your season and environmental conditions.In summer, you can choose a short -sleeved bikini, and in winter, you can choose a thick underwear to keep warm to provide additional protection and comfort.

Unsuitable matching solution

Avoid too exaggerated or matching your style.If you don’t like a certain color or style, don’t violate your wishes.Matching is a thing of personal preferences, you need to choose the most suitable match solution for you.


The matching of underwear and stockings can make women more sexy and charming.Choosing the best match for you is a very important part of your perfect self.I hope this article can provide you with opinions and skills to help you find the best way for you.

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