Video of erotic lingerie whip

Sexy Lepato Pyreal-Introduction

In the field of sexy underwear, leather whip is a common accessory that is widely used in places such as role -playing and SM games.But those who use leather whip for the first time may not be familiar with their usage and skills. The following will introduce you how to get a satisfactory experience when using sexy lingerie whip.

Before use of leather whip-understand material and length

Before using the sexy lingerie leather whip, you can understand the selected materials and length.Generally speaking, the softer the material, the more comfortable it is; the shorter the length, the greater the intensity.Therefore, it is recommended that the first users choose the softer and shorter leather whip.

Choose to use the place

When choosing a place to use leather whip, it should be ensured that the site is safe and no one is disturbed.When using, keep vigilance, when the opponent occurs in a timely manner in time.

Warning before use

Before using the sexy lingerie whip, make sure that both parties are voluntary and have obtained the consent of each other.If the other party has physical discomfort or disease, we must consider it carefully and seek the opinions of a professional doctor.

Cooperate with other interesting underwear props

When using leather whip, you can use other interesting underwear props, such as club, handcuffs and other props to increase interest.But pay attention to its rationality, and fully consider the other party’s physical condition and psychological tolerance.


When using the leather whip, make sure to use the correct posture, that is, hold the leather whip, choose to strike the target with a soft way, and adjust it appropriately according to the opponent’s reaction.In addition, in order to avoid the damage of the leather whip, it is necessary to pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of the leather whip.

Tips-Selection of Stage

When using sexy underwear whip, please select the level of strike according to the comfort and response of the other party.At the beginning, you can choose a slight blow, and then gradually strengthen your strength to avoid the other party from being too unbearable.


When using, please pay attention not to be too large to avoid excessive pain or damage to the other party.At the same time, pay attention to prevent yourself from being injured.Finally, the leather whip should be disinfected in time after use to avoid bacteria from breeding.

Behavioral behavior at the end

After using the sexy lingerie leather whip, you must embrace each other gently to make emotional comfort and ease.In addition, you can also use some soothing products to relieve the opponent’s physical and psychological discomfort.


The use of sexy lingerie leather whip is a private experience. It should be carried out after the two parties confirm their voluntary and understand the skills.At the same time, in the process of use, appropriate adjustments and cooperation must be made according to the other party’s mentality, physical condition and response.Only by ensuring that both parties can get a satisfactory experience and gain can they be called a successful experience.