Try to wear sexy underwear at the home of large size models

Try to wear sexy underwear at the home of large size models

Background introduction

Slim -figure models look sexy and charming to wear sexy underwear, which is well known.However, for large -size models, finding a stylish and suitable sexy underwear may be a bit difficult.However, today we are fortunate to invite a large -size model to try on home to see her trial process and feelings.

Step 1: Buy suitable sexy underwear

Before trying to penetrate, you must first buy suitable sexy underwear.Of course, you must not just look at whether the style is fashionable, but also consider comfort and applicability.Large -size models chose a black lace bra and pantyhose set. It is made of soft cotton fabric to allow the skin to breathe and avoid sweating.

Step 2: Comfortable to wear is the key

During the trial, large size models indicate that wearing comfort is very important.This is because if the sexy underwear is uncomfortable, she will not feel confident and sexy.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you should pay attention to quality and comfort. Do not just look at the style and color.

Step 3: Style also requires fashion

Although comfort is crucial, fashion styles are also very important for sexy underwear.Large -size models chose a set with lace and grid patterns to make her look sexy and fashionable.She said that wearing this sexy underwear gave her more confidence and charm.

Step 4: Suitable for different occasions

Large -size models are recommended to choose sexy underwear in different occasions.For example, her black lace bra and pantyhose suits can be used at home, or they can be worn in party parties or nightclubs, which are very practical.

Step 5: Emphasize key parts

During the trial process, large -size models emphasize that sexy underwear should emphasize key parts, such as chest, waist and hips.Her black lace bra and pantyhose set emphasized the chest and hips, making her curve more attractive.

Step 6: The importance of accessories

In addition to sexy underwear itself, accessories are also very important.For example, large -size models wear a silver lace necklace and a pair of silver lace bracelets, which adds a evening dress with the overall shape.These small accessories make the sexy underwear look more perfect.

Step 7: Selection of different materials

Large -size models believe that when choosing sexy underwear, you should consider the choice of different materials.She chose a soft fabric that can perfectly fit the body’s curve and keep it comfortable and sexy.

Step 8: Pay attention to details

During the trial process, the large size model pointed out an important detail of the sexy underwear: the adaptability of the shoulder strap.She chose a bra that adjustable shoulder straps, because the appropriateness of the shoulder strap was directly related to the comfort of the bra.


After trying it on, large -size models believe that sexy underwear should not be a exclusive brand of women in small size or slimming women.As a sexy and confident underwear, sexy underwear should be tailored for everyone, so that everyone can experience a sense of beauty and sexy.

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