Tmall sex underwear classification

Tmall sex underwear classification

1. Sexuality Fun underwear

Sexual feelings are uniquely designed, comfortable, and eye -catching underwear. It is suitable for use between husband and wife and couples to help increase sexual interest and relieve sexual pressure.Sexual feelings are generally designed with thin/transparent materials. The color is bright, and some will also add some special decorations, such as lace, bow, stockings, high heels, etc., to highlight the charm of women.

2. bellyband

The bellyband is one of the most traditional sexy underwear, and has become the choice of many women with other design and styles.The bellyband generally refers to underwear that is only covered with chest, which is usually used in special occasions or special sexual activities.It is suitable for women to show their beautiful body and attract men’s attention.

3. Large -scale sexy underwear

Unlike traditional erotic underwear, large -scale sexy underwear provides more size and size choices to meet the needs of more female consumers.This type of underwear is diverse. From the lace material to the transparent design of the tulle, everything is available.For those women with large sizes, they can make them feel harmonious sex life and enhance their self -confidence in their bodies.

4. Daily underwear

Daily underwear is a kind of underwear that can be worn everyday, but it is still sexy and special design.Compared with other erotic underwear, daily underwear is more practical, but its comfort and unique design can help women maintain confidence and charm in daily life.Usually this type of underwear uses comfortable fabrics, with simple design and gentle color.

5. Adult products

In addition to sexy underwear, Tmall also provides various adults, such as massage instruments, flirting perfumes, lubricants, SM tools, etc.These supplies provide more joy, excitement and fun choices for people’s sexual life.

6. Underwear suit

The underwear suit is a series consisting of other accessories such as Bras, underwear, hanging strap and stockings. Compared with a single underwear, it can meet the needs of women.The underwear set provides more choices in terms of color, design, fabric, and material.

7. Decoration of suits

Decorative underwear is a more sexy underwear that pays more attention to details. For example, some small decorations such as diamonds, gems, and beads can reflect the unique charm of underwear.This kind of sexy underwear is suitable for female friends who want to try some novel trends and unique colors.

8. Uniform temptation underwear

Uniform temptation underwear is a specific type of sexy underwear designed by professional uniforms or school uniforms. It is very suitable for women who want to play a variety of characters or have sexy small wild cats.This kind of underwear texture is generally soft fabric. With the ornaments and shapes that should be, it can help women play different roles in sex and increase interest.

9. Line skirt set

The skirt set is a sexy underwear composed of a short skirt and underwear. The skirt blocks the hips and lower body, allowing women to show beautiful leg lines, suitable for those who want to strengthen the effect of beautiful legs.

10. Solid underwear

Solid underwear is a very simple and sexy sexy underwear. Compared to sexual and erotic lingerie, it pays more attention to the choice of material and color matching.This underwear usually does not have too many decorations. It only uses a special fabric to present a smooth touch and delicate texture, creating a clean and high -level underwear atmosphere.

in conclusion

Now, sexy underwear has become a must -have item for every sex or elegant female friends, and various styles, types and styles have gradually enriched.In Tmall’s environment, we can buy various types of sexy underwear efficiently and conveniently, and find our favorite styles and materials to make those romantic moments better.

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