Those brand sexy underwear in Taiwan

Taiwan’s sexy underwear market is a very active market. Not only does domestic brands emerge, but foreign brands are also here.In such a market, buying a good brand is particularly important.Next, we will introduce you to several noticeable sexy underwear brands in the Taiwan market.


Parfait is a very popular brand that is very consumers. The underwear produced by the underwear is sexy, sexy, and full, which makes the female figure well set off, so it is favored by female consumers.There are many types of Parfait’s products. Whether it is lace, lace, perspective or different fabrics, you can get satisfactory choices.


AMORALLE is another Taiwanese sexy underwear brand. Its underwear product quality assurance and high -quality fabric use. The most noticeable thing is its unique design concept. The product perfectly combines sexy, beautiful and unique design with women’s underwear.AMORALLE underwear is bold, and some underwear will also add popular elements. From doll skirts to tight dress, you can find the suitable product that is suitable for your own.


Maggie’s is a sexy underwear brand in Taiwan. The brand focuses on the production of beautiful, sexy, comfortable women’s underwear.Maggie ’s provides women with various quality of underwear options, and can find women of women of different ages and different styles.Moreover, their underwear products are also concentrated on comfort and practicality, allowing women’s wardrobe to have more diversified choices.


Sunkini is an unusual sexy underwear brand in Taiwan. Its purpose is to let customers feel the power from nature and create unique products for natural inspiration.It has a fundamental difference in the material and shape of underwear. It uses a sporty material to wear comfortable and unrestrained during leisure.At the same time, Sunkini’s underwear design also has a natural style, making people feel full of natural strength and vitality.

Honey puff

Honey Puff is a newer brand that focuses on creating sexy underwear that is more young and younger.With its gorgeous colors, the brand has the characteristics of attractive lace and silk fabrics.Each underwear reveals a young, energetic and sexy atmosphere.


OZRA is a brand focusing on designing sexy, plump women’s underwear.The brand uses a variety of high -quality fabrics. It can often see fancy designs such as lace, embroidery and unique printing. The color of the underwear is new and rich, showing different external beauty for women.This is why Ozra is so popular in the market for the sexy underwear in Taiwan.

Kiki de Montparnasse

In the Taiwan market, Kiki de Montparnasse (Kiki) is also a very popular brand.Kiki’s products are characterized by the texture of velvet and silk, and their underwear is also sexy, elegant and comfortable.Because the brand combines color and design elements very properly, underwear looks very distinctive and difficult to imitate, so it has become the object of many women’s choices.

EVE’s Temptation

EVE’s Temptation (ET) brand’s underwear+swimwear series focuses on calm, confident and confident women.The logo of the ET brand is pure color, simple design and excellent tailoring.Its underwear is not only fashionable, beautiful, but also excellent function and quality.Product design is suitable for various occasions, bringing unparalleled wear experience to women.

Le Perla

Le Perla is also a very popular brand. Its underwear is well -designed, with diverse styles, and full of color matching.Le Perla has become a well -known brand in the market with its Italian luxury underwear production technology and excellent quality fabric quality.In Le Perla’s product line, it is not only sexy underwear, but also various types of underwear, which have excellent quality and extensive market foundation.


Jolidon’s underwear style is varied, and color matching is bold and stylish, breaking the traditional color matching method.It covers underwear product lines of different styles, different fabrics, and different properties, and stands in the Taiwan market.Consumers can be trusted and guaranteed from Jolidon’s continuous efforts in design and production.

in conclusion

The above is a few brands that buy interesting underwear in the Taiwan market.When choosing underwear, whether it is material, quality, or based on personal preferences, you must choose according to your own needs and choose a brand that suits you.These Taiwanese brands are trusted brands in terms of design or materials, and they can be purchased and used with confidence.

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