There is only one rope erotic underwear

A rope supports the whole body

There is a very special design in the erotic underwear. It has only one rope that connects the body by binding and buckle cards.The beauty of this sexy underwear is to show the greatest charm and sexy in the simplest way.

The technology content behind the simple design

This sexy underwear seems simple, but there are multiple factors behind the design.The material of the rope should be soft, comfortable, and at the same time to firmly hold the entire body; the deduction card position needs to be accurately measured and adjusted to make the rope freezing, no traces, no pain.

Try to penetrate all kinds of figure

The biggest highlight of this erotic underwear is suitable for all kinds of figures. Whether you are a skinny model or a plump girl, you can perfectly show your body as long as you try it on and adjust.When trying it on, you need to pay attention to the position of the deduction card, so that the curve of the rope and the body is organically combined.

Matching of accessories

This sexy underwear with different accessories can show different styles.For example, with earrings, bracelets, and small hats to create an enchanting and sexy atmosphere; with high heels and stockings, it shows elegant charm.

Put on it, you will become more confident

The role of sexy underwear is not only to make you sexy and tempting, but more importantly, it can make you feel confident.Wearing this exquisite design of sexy underwear, you will feel that you become more attractive and confident and can show your best yourself.

Edge color and production process

The color of this sexy underwear is very eye -catching. Most colors are biased towards black, but there are dark red, purple and other colors, so that you can choose what you want.The production process is also very exquisite. Each rope, buckle, and accessories are carefully designed and built to ensure that each sexy underwear is unique.

Suitable for various occasions

This kind of sexy underwear is very wide, such as dating, parties, dance and performances.You can show your perfect side according to different occasions and moods with different accessories and accessories.

Washing and maintenance

This kind of sexy underwear also needs to pay special attention to the washing and maintenance of underwear. It cannot be washed with other clothes. It is best to use hand washing and drying in person.When saving, you need to fold the underwear flat and place it in a dry and ventilated place.


This sexy underwear with only one rope has become synonymous with sexy. It has won the sought after fans worldwide with its unique design and wonderful sexy display.If you want to show your purest side, this sexy underwear must not be missed!


From a simple design, it reflects the greatest sexy charm.This kind of sexy underwear with only one rope can allow each woman to find the self -confidence and beauty deep in her heart. Don’t miss it!

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