There is no record for Taobao to buy fun underwear

How to buy sexy underwear on Taobao is not recorded

There are various adult products on Taobao, including sexy underwear.However, many people are worried that buying such products on Taobao will be recorded, causing personal privacy leaks.So, how to buy sexy underwear on Taobao is not recorded?Let’s share some tips.

Use the browser in the privacy mode

The browser records your search history and access records. When you search for sexy underwear on Taobao, these records are easily discovered.Using a browser in a privacy mode can effectively protect your personal privacy.In this mode, you can collect information yourself without having to worry about other people see your search content.

Pay attention to merchant credibility

There are many stores on Taobao selling sexy underwear, and the quality of products and services provided by different merchants is very different.Therefore, pay special attention to the credibility of the merchant, do not easily trust the description of the merchant, it is best to view the evaluation and comments of other users.If the merchant’s credibility is very low, then select this shop to buy sex underwear and may be recorded.

Search for the product number directly

You can directly use the product number to search for sexy underwear to avoid being recorded by too many other content.The product number is usually obvious on Taobao, and it is listed on the product details page.

Use Taobao client

Buying sexy underwear with Taobao client can protect your privacy.Application has functions such as blocking screenshots and settings to improve personal protection measures to improve privacy and security.


Taobao has a very useful hidden buying history, called "privacy box", which can hide your purchase records and avoid being discovered by others.The method of opening the privacy box is very simple, just click on the purchase record page to open it.

Use Alipay payment

Using Alipay payment on Taobao can avoid records of bank cards.This is because bank card information is usually not directly connected to the Taobao account, and using Alipay payment can protect your payment information privacy.

Choose Bluetooth Payment

There is also a Bluetooth payment function on Taobao, which can complete the payment in wireless, and does not need to enter any personal information to ensure the security and privacy of the payment.

Online customer service consultation

Before buying a sexy underwear, you can ask questions from the online customer service to consult the merchant for archiving the purchase record.At the same time, understand the after -sales service of the merchant in advance, so that it can be handled more conveniently when quality problems occur.


Protecting personal privacy is very important.When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, the above 8 tips will be a powerful tool for helping you avoid leakage.Before buying, please pay attention to the credibility of the merchant and user evaluation, choose the appropriate payment method to protect your personal privacy.

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