There are several sexy underwear types of novels

Novels of sexy underwear types

Interest underwear has become an indispensable part of modern life. It can make women more sexy and charming, and to make men get more visual enjoyment.In the world of sexy underwear, the novel series is a type of much attention and love.Let’s take a look at the specific types and contents of sexy underwear novels together!

1. Open underwear series

Open panties are one of the most popular types of sexy underwear. Its special thing is that the parts of the waist and hips are open, leaving the pass to the two key parts before and after the body.The opening underwear series has played this type to the extreme. Each novel is expanded by the storyline, presenting the charm and excessive place of the open panties to the reader.

Second, transparent bra series

The transparent bra can not only make women’s chest more sexy and charming, but also stimulate male visual impulses.The transparent bra series shows the charm of the transparent bra through the form of a novel.Each novel is based on the heroine as the background. In the case of a transparent bra, she showed the lightness and sexy style to the readers.

Three, stockings series

Stockings are one of the most seductive types in sexy underwear. It can show women’s leg lines more perfect and beautiful.The novels in the stockings series have played the beauty and sexy of the stockings to the extreme.Each novel shows the perfect figure of the heroine in stockings through different storylines.

Fourth, suspended series

Tibetan erotic underwear can not only make women’s skin more sexy and charming, but also show women’s body lines more perfect and beautiful.The suspender series novels perfectly show the heroine’s sexy charm and style of the hook’s underwear to the reader through different storylines.

Five, hollow series

Hollow underwear is the most artistic and stunning type in sexy underwear. Its unique design and unique fabrics make it a very attractive underwear style.The hollow underwear series novels show the heroine’s beauty, sexy and keen artistic vision to readers through different storylines.

Six, front open series series

The front -style underwear is a very popular type in sexy underwear. It can inspire men’s visual impulses and allow women to release their desires deep in their hearts.For the type of the front -style type, the novel series shows the charm and style of the heroine wearing the front -style underwear through different storylines to readers.

Seven, lace series

Lace underwear is one of the unique and exquisite types of sexy underwear. It can reproduce the romantic atmosphere of women in the old days, and also allow women to enjoy the fashionable charm of contemporary fashion.For the type of lace underwear, the novel series is a perfect interpretation of the beauty, freshness and sexy perfect interpretation of the heroine wearing lace underwear through different storylines.

8. Red series

Red is one of the most seductive and enthusiastic colors in sexy underwear. Its quality and charm can make people look at it, and the visual stimulus of people is also a feeling of surpassing time and space.In the novel series, each book is based on the theme of red underwear to perfectly show its charming and enthusiastic temptation to readers.

Nine, set series

The sexy underwear suit is a combination of underwear and underwear formed by a variety of elements. It has richness, practicality and sensual attributes.The set of novels is through different storylines to penetrate the matching and aesthetics of the set of lingerie in the plot, allowing readers to gradually discover and feel the beauty and charm of the underwear.

Ten, bellyband series

The bellyband is a special type of sexy underwear. It shows the core parts of the female body to the fullest, which can not only improve the beauty of body and posture, but also stimulate the desire and animal instincts in people’s hearts.The bellyband series novels show the uniqueness and charm of the bellyband underwear to readers through different storylines.


Interest underwear novels are undoubtedly the epitome of modern life. They incorporate the latest trends and most unique underwear styles into the storyline in the way of people who are not tired.I realized the human nature, culture and artistic connotation of sexy underwear.

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