There are a few sexy lingerie

There are a few sexy lingerie


Interest underwear is a kind of underwear used to enhance sex and self -confidence. The difference between the design style and conventional underwear makes it a special sexy experience.This article will introduce several different types of sexy underwear.

Binding underwear

Resting underwear is a classic type of sexy underwear. It usually has multiple earrings and bands that can be tightened or tightened in some parts.The aimed at the aiming to enhance the sensitivity of the body and increase the pleasure.This type of sexy underwear is usually used in the hips, breasts, legs, or other sensitive parts of sex.

Suite underwear

Set underwear is a integrated type of sexy underwear, which is usually composed of different underwear.Underwear usually includes underwear, bras, straps, and various other underwear. Sometimes it is also equipped with auxiliary items such as socks and high heels.This type of sexy underwear has different styles and themes, such as students, nurses, police and superheroes.

Perspective underwear

Perspective underwear is a strangely designed sexy underwear. Perfecting underwear does not cover the body like ordinary underwear, but exposes some parts of the body through mesh or special materials.Perspective underwear usually includes perspective underwear, bra, and camisole. It is designed as sexy and charming, which can expose the body.

Role -playing underwear

The role -playing underwear focuses on providing people with the ability to imitate or interpret different roles.Their design style is usually used to stimulate sexual fantasy to achieve the design of gaming tools.The types of role -playing underwear include students, cleaners, police, and nurses, so you can choose the appropriate role -played underwear according to the dialogue between you and your partner or your preference.

Strap underwear

Best underwear is a unique sexy underwear. The design style usually includes multiple straps and half cups.They are usually used in some parts of the line or part of the body.Broken underwear is usually less covered with skin and muscles, transparent, fancy weaving or decoration, and is used to increase design characteristics such as stretching and contraction.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is a classic sexy underwear. Compared with strap underwear, they can cover the body more highly and pay more attention to decoration.When wearing, lace underwear can increase the softness and curves of the body, reduce the streamlined problem in the body, and make the body more sexy.

Maid underwear

Maid is a desire that is mainly used to cultivate the desire of the owner and the maid. It enhances emotional communication by serving character PLAY and other characters.This kind of sexy underwear usually uses multiple elements and parts, including suspenders, bras, lace chef hats, and white mesh socks. These parts are combined together. The overall effects usually look very sexy.

Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is usually a beautiful style design, which renders some special popular convergence of sexual erotic lingerie. Usually use suspenders and bras like braids, not clothing itself.This underwear is usually used to enhance beauty and controllability, as well as other similar purposes.This is a very common sexy underwear, which is mostly suitable for nightlife or special occasions.

Hanfu underwear

Hanfu underwear is a very ancient traditional Chinese style. This style of sexy underwear usually takes into account a certain gentle appearance and texture.In addition to aesthetics, there are many Hanfu underwear that follows ancient aesthetic specifications and design elements, but it also adds contemporary popular elements.If you want to pursue the perfection of classical and modern sense, then Hanfu underwear is a great choice.

in conclusion

The above are several different types of sexy underwear, each of which can increase the joy and pleasure of sex.Which sexy underwear needs to be determined according to your and your partner preference and experience.No matter what kind of sexy underwear you choose, they are fun tools to increase sexual love.Try some different types of sexy underwear and try different experiences. Maybe you will find sex pleasure you have never experienced before.

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