The real picture of the sexy underwear on the balcony

Why is the balcony cold?

As the weather gradually turned cold, many people began to feel that the balcony became extremely cold.In fact, the reason is simple, because the balcony is the extension of the building structure, and there is no insulation effect of the indoor environment.

Do you need sexy underwear at this time?

Especially at night, the temperature of the balcony is lower. At this time, if you do not keep warm, it is easy to cool.As a result, many women began to wear sexy underwear to keep warm.

What is the warmth of sex underwear?

In fact, the warmth effect of sexy underwear varies from the brand and type.Generally speaking, the greater the thickness and the more dense materials, the better the warm -ups and warmth effect.

How to choose suitable sexy underwear?

First, pay attention to the material.Generally speaking, cotton, wool and warm underwear are good choices, and they can provide a certain warmth effect.When choosing a size, pay attention to selecting a fit to avoid excessive or over loose conditions.

How to wear sexy underwear?

You can choose similar colors and styles with similar clothes, or match according to personal preferences.If you wear it indoors, you can choose a more sexy style to add interest.

How to maintain sexy underwear?

The material of sexy underwear is generally delicate and needs to be carefully maintained.It is best to wash it with your hands.After washing, let’s dry and dry, do not heat or dry.

How to save sexy underwear?

Do not wash the sex underwear with other clothes. It is best to put it in a dedicated storage box to avoid being squeezed or damaged.When placing, you can reverse the clothes to avoid exposed to the sun.

Scene use of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not limited to use in cool scenes such as balcony, but also can be used in beds, bathrooms and other situations, adding life interest.

Suggestion of sex underwear

Some people may worry about sexy underwear and do not know which styles are more suitable for them.It is recommended to learn more about the brand and style, or you can buy it in a professional sexy underwear shop.

Point of view

Sexy underwear is a stylish warm choice. Choosing the right style and brand can make yourself warm and sexy.However, it is also necessary to be careful in use and maintenance, and give full play to its service life.

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