The name of the store in sex underwear

The name of the store in sex underwear


Interest underwear stores are modern niche markets, especially in the women’s consumer market.The choice of store names has an important impact on the positioning, publicity and customer experience of the store brand. This article will interpret the selection of sexy underwear store names in detail.

High sexy characteristics

Interest underwear is synonymous with sexy. There are many competitors. Some merchants use too straightforward names (such as "sexy underwear shops" and "stripping dance underwear").If the name is more creative, such as "beautiful and private imagination" and "gift of heaven", it will better reflect the brand’s sexy attributes and attract consumers with similar interests.

The theme of the store

The name of the excellent sexy underwear store should be appropriate with the theme of the store, allowing customers to immediately perceive the cultural characteristics of the store.The storefront with the theme of "gracefulness" can use the name "Lace Paradise", and the theme of "Import Quality" can use "Garden Butterfly Dream". The theme part can reflect the brand characteristics of the store.

Sensory association

The name of the store is best reminiscent of the emotional context -related emotional context such as comfort, happiness.Such as "Snowflake Girl", "Love Red Lips", etc., let people resonate and recognize psychologically, and improve the memory of the brand.

Chinese characters have an advantage

Chinese names are more flexible than Western languages, and their names are relatively large.The use of Chinese can not only convey profound cultural connotations, but also better display the brand style and differences of the store, but also conducive to occupying opportunities in the market.

Reflect the main product

The selection of the name of the sex underwear store should be related to the main products of the store, which can better reflect the professionalism of the store.Such as "classic fragrant shoulder beauty" and "sexy camisole chest support" accurately and intuitively illustrate the product types in the store.

Connotation and external combination

The name of excellent storefronts must not only have an external form that enhances the brand awareness effect, but also has a deep internal meaning.Such as "the fragrance of privacy", "taste of love", etc., can cause consumers’ vision and feelings. At the same time, they also remind them of the corresponding cultural connotation and deepen the depth and influence of brand memory.

Small freshness is a new trend

At present, the small fresh style is becoming more and more popular in the market.It is mainly characterized by emphasizing softness and simplicity of design, and performs excellent in the domestic and foreign sexy underwear market.Such as "Angel’s Personal Speaking" and "Star Empty Lingyun", etc., are natural representatives in small fresh culture.Such shop names are more adaptable and commercial.

Well -known brand name

If you are a well -known brand who come to open a store brand, you only need to use the brand name as the name of the store, and you can combine the brand’s reputation to obtain the trust and love of customers and increase the brand’s influence.For example, the underwear brand "Kavin", the name of the store can get more source motivation under the brand influence.

Combined with online sales platform

Modern shopping is becoming more and more convenient, and many customers buy sex underwear products through the network platform.Therefore, the name of the sexy underwear store is adjusted uniformly with the network platform, and the titles such as "Taobao shops" and "Jingdong Stores" can effectively bring the synergy effect of visual and experience to improve customer purchase satisfaction.

in conclusion

When choosing the name of the sex underwear store, there are many points that need to be considered, store themes, brand characteristics, characteristics of consumer markets and group needs, and so on.Creativity, style with style, and external fashion connotation are equally important.When taking the store name in Chinese, it must be reflected in its self -branding and brand professionalism.The comprehensive consideration and application of all these elements will increase the brand value of the brand and promote the development of the brand.

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