The name of the movie that is kidnapped in sex underwear

The abduction scene in sexy underwear movies

Many movies involve sexy underwear, and they are used as sexy, attractive props to attract the audience.However, some movies use sexy underwear as a darkest theme, such as the props that play the kidnapped victims in the movie.The following is the abduction scene in sexy underwear movies:

"Wolf of Wall Street" -Surious female employees

In "Wolf Wolf", the stock agent played by Leonardo Dicaprio uses sexy underwear to coerce female employees.He brought the female employee to a room, then showed her a woman’s sexy underwear and asked to try on, and then he sexually harassed and raped the employees.This scene expresses the improper use of gender discrimination and sexual assault.

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" -The intention attempt

There is a kidnapping plot in the Hollywood movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".When the protagonist Li Mubai asked the female sex underwear shop owner to tie himself on the bed, the door was suddenly kicked away.Although the abduction intention was not realized, this scene conveyed a kind of uneasy emotion to the audience, and a warning of sexual violence.

"Stealing and Robbery" -ie abduction and extortion

In Alfe Hikkoke’s "Stolen and Resting", the heroine Maryan was abducted by a strange man when he was pretending to be his sister.The man forcibly let her try to wear sexy underwear, and then took her nude photos to try to use it for extortion.This kidnapping and extortion is strong and threatened, and the audience can feel the sense of intimidation and danger.

"Abduction"-Murder Shen Liang

In the Hong Kong film "Abduction", sexy underwear has become a key physical thing for murder.One of the victims Shen Liang’s body wearing sexy sexy underwear has become an important clue of the police to investigate.Although the film style is relatively biased towards the style of suspense, the appearance of sexy underwear still makes the audience feel the tension atmosphere and the seriousness of the case.

"Lift Friends 2" -The requirements for huge ransom

In the movie "Lift Friends 2", the male protagonist Mattley was abducted by a kidnapper and demanded a huge ransom of $ 60 million.During the abduction, Mattley’s girlfriend was taken away by the kidnapper wearing a sexy underwear.Although this scene seems naughty and funny, the audience can still feel the bad and oppression of criminal activities.

"Smelling Fragrance Woman" -The tie for love

In the movie "Smell the Fragrant Women", the actor Charlie abducted the heroine Bingbing with sexy underwear and bandages.Although this trick does not look very professional, this scene is one of the classic pictures of romantic movies.Although some people may think that this is a kind of violence or considers this move that is not moral, this plot trigger the emotional resonance of the audience, and the use of sexy underwear has become reasonable and romantic.

"Hip Hop Empire" -In forced to wear

In a episode of the TV series "Hip -Hop Empire", the protagonist Hawkves made the women’s group experience sexy underwear after the throne.Although some girls don’t like it, Hawkves insists on asking them to do it.This kind of forced wearing erotic underwear can easily cause controversy, but it is helpful for driving the plot and depicting the character’s character.

"24 Hours" -Nuclear weapon threat

In an episode of "24 Hours", terrorists abducted female scientists and asked them to make nuclear weapons.During the abduction, female scientists are wearing sexy underwear.Although this abduction situation is fictional, sexy underwear has become one of the ways to take the attention of men’s audiences in the movie.

"Gangster Story"-explosion survey

In the movie "The Gangster Story", the male protagonist needs to abduct a girl who works in Mexican coffee shops in order to collect information.At a critical moment, he tied her up with sex underwear.This gangster story foreshadows false and deception, making the audience feel nervous and anxious.

"White Head Detective" -The missing goddess wears sexy underwear

In the movie "White Head Detective", a god mysterious sexy underwear disappeared.The male protagonist Meixian Duba also put on a sexy underwear to find her.Although this is a funny and funny plot, this plot is unique, which also makes the audience feel humorous and creative.


There are many forms of sexy underwear in movies. Whether it is the main theme or a supporting role, it helps the storyline and the description of the character image of the movie.However, it is necessary to pay attention to the coordination and stability of the presentation and scenes, and cannot bring negative emotions and wrong guidance to the audience.More importantly, sexy underwear should be the personal items of adults in real life, and should not represent a symbol or express some intention.

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