The earliest sexy underwear Xiu Shuqi in Taiwan

The origin of the earliest sex lingerie show in Taiwan

In the early 1990s, Taiwan’s sexy underwear brands gradually matured. In order to expand influence and marketing effects, some brands began to host sex underwear shows.In 1994, a Taiwanese sex lingerie brand called "Love" held the earliest sexy underwear show in Taiwan. The show was located in Taipei.The brand invited the famous model Shu Qi as a guest media, setting the theme of this underwear show as "sexy night".

Shu Qi became the spokesperson for Taiwan’s sexy lingerie show

Shu Qi was already a famous fashion model at the time, and she was famous for her tall figure and meticulous facial features.In this underwear show, Shu Qi as a spokesperson wearing a low chest V and a slightly exposed erotic underwear below the runway, making people shine.Since then, Shu Qi has become the spokesperson for Taiwan’s sexy lingerie and has led to the development of the entire Taiwan sex underwear market.

The theme and elements of Taiwan sex lingerie show

Most of the themes of Taiwan’s sexy lingerie show around the words "sexy" and "charm".Underwear styles are usually designed with luxurious, gorgeous, and sexy elements, such as inlaid jewelry, lace lace, and transparent lace.At the same time, performances and music are also important elements in the underwear show. Many music video performances and artist performances will also wear sexy underwear.

Taiwan sex underwear show and alternative culture

In the early 1990s, Taiwan ushered in a global wave of cultural alternative culture, and sexy underwear became a part of this culture.Taiwan’s sexy lingerie show rises in this cultural atmosphere.It has attracted a large number of people who like alternatives to join this fashion. Unlike traditional fashion shows, the fun underwear show has also become a platform for people to try and express themselves freely.

The development and promotion of Taiwanese sexy underwear brands

With the development of Taiwan’s sexy underwear market, underwear brands have begun to adopt various ways to promote their products and underwear shows.In addition to Shu Qi, many famous Taiwanese artists will also participate in the sex underwear exhibition activities, such as Cecilia Cheung, Lin Zhiling, Gu Tianle, etc.Gradually, in the top sex underwear brand in Taiwan, the sexy underwear show has become one of the important images of their brand, providing customers with more opportunities to understand and cognitive products.

The market status of Taiwan sex lingerie

Taiwan’s sexy underwear market is now very mature. Various brands and types of sexy underwear are covered, and the market demand is very strong.There are more and more fun underwear functions. In addition to traditional temptation and sexy, it also adds a variety of functions such as upright, plasticity, weight loss, and health.Customers pay more and more attention to quality and choice, providing more room for development for sex underwear brands.

The follow -up phenomenon of Taiwan sex lingerie show

Although the Taiwan sex lingerie show has appeared in the early 1990s, until now, its influence still exists.It is not because the fun underwear show makes people feel stunning and excited. This feeling is unparalleled by traditional fashion shows.Globally, the sexy underwear show has become one of the important marketing and promotion methods of many sexy underwear brands.

The social significance of sexy lingerie show

The sexy lingerie show is not only the form of showing sex underwear, but also a performance.It is a contemporary culture and represents the recognition of contemporary women on its own image and value.The sexy underwear show makes women no longer the "passive sexy" object in the eyes of most audiences, but has more opportunities for self -expression and communication to become the protagonist on the stage.It drives Taiwan women’s development and progress in social and cultural.

The problem of the sexy underwear show in today’s society

Although the sexy underwear show has a wide range of influence and social significance, some problems have also appeared over time.For example, some sexy underwear shows too much attention and temptation, and some women’s physical privacy has been violated.These issues not only test the morality of sexy underwear brands, but also the public’s respect and protection of women’s physical privacy.


The sexy underwear show is one of the cultural activities in today’s society that has great influence and significance, and it has an irreplaceable role in the Taiwan sex underwear market.Although there are some problems and controversy, it is still a power of charm and innovation, becoming one of the source driving forces to promote the development and progress of fashion culture.

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