The boyfriend accidentally bought a fake sexy underwear

The boyfriend accidentally bought a fake sexy underwear

A good -looking erotic underwear can make women become sexy charm from the inside out, which is amazing.However, there are also some fake and shoddy sexy underwear products on the market.My boyfriend had accidentally bought sexy underwear, which made me particularly disappointed.This article will introduce how to distinguish between true and false sexy underwear, and how to choose and buy real good goods.

Details of outer packaging

The best way is to start with packaging.True sexy underwear products usually have the following characteristics: there will be detailed information introduction outside the packaging, such as brand, model, size, material, washing method, etc., and this information is usually equipped with pictures, which is very specific and detailedEssenceThe fake and shoddy products may only have simple packaging or no official logo. At this time, other distinction methods need to be considered.

Observation details and quality

True sexy underwear usually pays attention to details and quality, and the overall packaging follows a certain design style.For example: whether the line head is clean and neat; the number of get rid of the line head; whether the position of the hook eye is appropriate; whether the material is soft; whether the part is neatly cut, etc., the details of the details are very detailed.Fake and shoddy products will not pay attention to these aspects.Therefore, from the details, you can distinguish the authenticity of sex underwear.

Compare Prices

The cost of excellent sexy underwear is very high, because the fine production and materials in the details of the product are not low.So the price is a significant sign of true and false sex underwear.If you see underwear products with low prices and high discounts in the market, you need to treat it with caution.Because obviously, the production cost of inferior products is not high, and the doubts caused by low prices are very large.

Pay attention to the brand

Choosing a brand is the safest way to buy sexy underwear.Large brands usually have their own manufacturers. The production line is completely closed, and the possibility of counterfeiting and use is less likely.And if there is no brand protection or unknown underwear, it is not cost -effective, so don’t risk.

Choose a professional dealer

Some sexy underwear professional online stores and physical stores focus on selling truly high -quality sexy underwear. These shops usually lead to some real brands and are guaranteed.But be careful, you must check the information of all parties carefully before buying. After all, man -made mistakes are not arrogant.

Check the label information carefully

When buying clothing, you have good habits to check all kinds of information such as inspection tags.The same is true of sexy underwear.Reading the labeling information at the time of purchase can see the information such as production sites, brands generated back -end processing date, and production batch numbers.Compared with false labels, you can use these details to determine whether the source of the product is true and reliable.

Emphasize the effect of use

In addition to watching good or not, the key to a qualified sexy underwear is still wearing comfort.Therefore, you can also judge its authenticity through specific wear effects.Good erotic underwear is not just a compliance with paper standards, it feels more critical after wearing.If the underwear is tight, strangled, or the fabric is too rough or even cuts through the skin, it will explain that it has not been carefully designed, and it is difficult to call it a real "sexy underwear".

in conclusion

Buy sexy underwear, I hope that consumers can have a suitable price and excellent quality products, and enjoy a better product experience.When selecting, it is recommended to take a variety of methods for preliminary identification and select a secure channel.In actual use, you should also pay attention to your own dressing effects and feelings.By increasing the patience and seriousness of selection, you can truly meet your own needs and experience a better interesting life.

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