The boy said to send me sexy underwear

The boy said to send me sexy underwear

Every couple will encounter such a situation. The boys will give a gift a gift. He says this sentence guilty: "Give you a messy underwear!" Facing the proposal like boys, girls will have an unscrupulousIt feels, but when choosing sexy underwear and wearing it, girls have some precautions, and I will introduce it to you next.

Pay attention to the size

When choosing a sexy underwear, the most important thing is the choice of size.Because there is no suitable size, not only is it comfortable enough to wear, it is easy to affect emotions, but also reduce its role.Therefore, girls need to measure their bust, waist and hips when buying, and choose the appropriate size on this basis, so as to ensure the looseness of the sexy underwear and the comfort of wearing.

Good material

In addition to the choice of size, material is also a problem that girls need to pay attention to when buying sexy underwear.Generally, sexy underwear is opaque, so it is difficult for us to judge the quality of the material.Here I recommend buying well -known underwear brands or sexual quality assurance sex underwear.High -quality erotic underwear is not only comfortable, but also high -quality materials, longer wearing life, and better skin care effect.

Choose the right style

There are many types of sexy underwear, and the sexy underwear of various styles makes the girls’ choice more space.But choosing a style that suits you, you need to consider your body and personality characteristics.For example, if your body is more petite, you can choose the sexy underwear of breast enhancement. If your hips are relatively flat, you can choose to improve the sexy underwear that can improve your hip lines.In terms of the choice of sexy lingerie styles, we must pay more attention to your personality characteristics.If you are a cheerful girl, you can choose a more rich sexy underwear to show your personality.

Black color sex lingerie is a must -have

Whether it is red or purple, or other colors of sexy underwear are not as good as classic black sexy.Black -colored underwear best reflects the tenderness of women’s charm. Even if it is monotonous, it will not make mistakes, and it is especially suitable for more shy girls, which can reduce their sense of restraint.So as a girl who tried for the first time, you may wish to choose a black sex underwear, which is a must -have.

Different styles of sexual feelings fun underwear

In addition to color, there are many different styles of sexy underwear, such as bras, pantyhose, etc. The combination of various manufacturing processes and materials can shape different charm effects.Costing with different mood, occasions, and figure characteristics, choosing different styles of sexy underwear can meet different needs, suitable for different girls.For example, suspended sexy underwear is a classic and elegant style, suitable for conservative and romantic women; T -shaped sexy underwear is a sexy representative, suitable for fashionable and bold women.

Falling underwear maintenance

After buying sexy underwear, daily maintenance is needed.Because sexy underwear has high loosening and breathability, we need to pay special attention when cleaning and drying.In addition to washing, sexy underwear can also be scrubbed, but special washing products need to be selected.In addition, the texture of the sexy underwear is relatively soft. Avoid direct sunlight and strong wind during drying, so as not to affect the tightness and softness of the fabric.


If you want to wear a sexy and charming effect, you must work hard on it.If you want to make a sexy underwear better, you cannot ignore matters.For example, a transparent jacket and a pair of high -heeled shoes on the outside of the top can make your charm more prominent.Choosing a suitable match will also highlight the advantages of the sexy underwear itself, showing the charm of girls.

Wear at the right time

Interest underwear is a special clothing that needs to be worn in special occasions and moods.Therefore, girls should pay attention when choosing sexy underwear, and also wear at the right time.For example, when you want to date or celebrate certain special events, you can try to wear sexy underwear, which will make these special events more interesting and charming.


From buying to wearing, sexy underwear is a skillful learning.The female treasures should buy the right size and style, and also pay attention to maintenance, matching and timing.In addition, it is necessary to maintain a self -confidence and comfortable mentality to truly achieve the maximization effect of sexy underwear.

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